Monday, November 30, 2009

tis' the season

I feel I must comment on the world around me and its general goings-on.

First of all, SHAME on those fools who tried to crash the White House state dinner. I can't even put into words how utterly pathetic that is. Sure, you're trying to get onto a reality show. Are you hoping for fame & fortune by how many pics you can post on your Facebook page. Folks, I thought this was a joke. Alas, there are people out there with a LOT of time on their hands.

Props to the Alouettes for winning the Grey Cup! I'll admit, I didn't think they'd win it but man, what a testament to not giving up. No matter what, they kept fighting. That's what I'm doing now - I'm still fighting.

As the holidays approach, I can't help but feel a sense of calm. It's like I know there's an opportunity for me out there just beyond my reach. I know it; I feel it; I sense it. Plus this is the first holiday season I'm spending with Ethan - I'm really excited about that!

Even though I won't have a lot of cheddar for the holidays, I want it to be the best ever. I won't be going home (meh... oh well) but I'll have Ethan. :0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another year on

Can't believe I've been in Montreal for more than a year. Where has the time gone? It honestly feels like a couple of months ago that I packed up my life and headed for the border (the provincial one, that is). I'm officially a Montrealaise. I like the sound of that!

In my endless search for jobs online, I came across a very intriguing bit o' news regarding Gamerz. There will be blood - as in redundancies around the world. Imagine that! Christiane says I must have a guardian angel looking out for me. She's absolutely right. This isn't the first time that I didn't get a job with a company that was either about to go under or on the brink of redundancies. Thank you, angel of mine. Could you please ask your homies to hook me up with a job? The waiting is doing my head in!

Every day I wake up and ask myself if today is going to be that breakthrough day. Today was just like that except nothing happened. I send off applications - then I wait. I wait for someone on the other end of the database to see my CV. I wait for them to say, this person looks viable. I wait for the phone to ring to schedule an interview to discuss how my experience & education would be a valued asset to their organization. I wait for feedback. I wait for my new headhunter to hear feedback. Then I wait some more.

My dreams echo my sentiments these days. I dream of having magical powers, oceans and the desert. Looks like my subconscious is right in line with my conscious.

Here's something to think about - what happens after I get a job?