Saturday, December 31, 2011

should old acquaintance be forgot

As of right now, there are 7 hours & 7 minutes left of 2011.  I, for one, am glad to see the back of this year.  Between the natural disasters, crackhead family and other goings-on, midnight just feels like paradise.  Imagine - when the bell tolls the witching hour, we can say all the crap that happened to us in 2011 (or is still happening now depending on your situation) happened last year.

Next year.  It's tomorrow morning.  It's a few hours from now.  A clean slate awaits us on the other side of midnight.  We've all got those pesky resolutions that seem to wither & fade around February 10th yet the one thing I know I'll be doing is taking care of ME.  2012 is the year I straighten myself out. I get healthy.  I get happy.  Hell, I'm getting married!  I also turn 35 but let's not talk about that.

Thank you to Your Pocket Guru for the insightful tweets.  Thank you to everyone who's following me on Twitter!  Thank you to Linda from @treeandtwig for following my running Social Commentary!

If I haven't said it before, 2012 is going to be a BIG HUGE year of change.  There are things that will happen in 2012 that will change our lives forever.  Spend tonight with your loved ones.  Better yet, spend every day with your loved ones.  Make every day count.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

bleary-eyed & happy

It's gonna be a great Christmas after all!  I went to a Twitter part & I won a $200 Visa Gift Card.  HOLY CRAP!!!  I can actually afford presents this year!

I need to go to bed.  I believe I'm at the overtired point.  Before I go, here's a treat for you all - my new profile:


Thursday, December 1, 2011

I want that! Feisty Frugal & Fabulous


looky here My Organized Chaos...

Skechers for the Family Giveaway! (hook me up)

In my daily travels around the Internet, I find there's a TON of giveaways. I found this one on

People, I do love me a good pair of Skechers!

 I want the following 4 pairs:
1. Women Bikers Proposal in White/Blue
2. Women Reggae - Roads
3. Women Prospeed S R R
4. Men Tantric - Corum

Please please please please can I win these?  Please?