Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just witnessed history

Barack Obama has won the election!!
Barack Obama has won the election!!
Barack Obama has won the election!!

Do you think he'd be willing to come up here and sort us out?  I'm sure we could entice him with free health care, Timbits for the kiddies and his&hers toques.

Let's all celebrate by going to Target!!

Now for the fun times - Quebec is just about to announce a provincial election.  Zut alors.

a proud Canadian

So far Barack Obama is winning the US presidential election.   He is on point to become the first half-black president of the United States of America.

This is too scary.  I can't help but keep watching... kinda like what I did during the recent federal election where my homeboy Stevie Harps is still da man of the land.  Can't our sovereign do something about him?  I should ask her.  Hey Lizzie -  you should see what's going on in the Dominion... enough to make you miss your afternoon cuppa!  

I have arrived...

... and I'm gonna take this city by storm!  That's right folks, I have left the T-Dot and I'm currently settling into my new life in La Belle Province.  The moving experience was nothing short of a comedy of errors and true colours.  Despite all the shenanigans, I made it here in one dishevelled piece!  Now all I have to do is unpack my life and find a job.  Sounds easy enough, eh?

One thing I've noticed about this place is the lack of tension in the air.  In Toronto everyone's trying to one-up themselves - the latest cars, fashions, events, blah, blah, blah.  Here, people don't give a blank about that sort of thing.  I'm sure there are those that do but I vow not to become one of those people.  

Looks like a beautiful day outside!  I'm going to take a walk and find that grocery store that keeps eluding me.

Be back later with the results of the US election.  

God (or equivalent) be with us all.