Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quebec votes... for what I don't know

Quebec goes to the polls on September 4.  For those of you who live abroad, Quebec is a province within Canada that is mainly French-speaking and known within Canada as "a distinct society".

I find myself torn over all of this malarkey.  As an anglophone, I don't have much choice.  I can use my vote to support the brown-envelope party, the hardcore English-hating separatists, the Stevie-like separatists, the liberal separatists or the Green Party.

Of course, the parties are debating over (guess what?) separatism, who did what to whom way back when... that's really about it.  Anyone who's ever been to Quebec will see the crumbling roads for themselves.  Infrastructure is in the hands of the brown-envelope recipients.  Health care at best is abysmal with emergency room wait times exceeding 12-14 hours.  Family doctors are scarce for the general population.   Education isn't not really a priority, unless it's in French.

Quebec is most likely the poorest of all provinces yet it wants to become its own country with continued economic ties to Canada.  Does this make any sense to you?  If it doesn't, don't fret.  You're not alone.  Too many people are concerned about language in this election.  When another piece of concrete falls on a highway, does it matter if the workers fixing the damage speak French or not?  How come other Francophone nations aren't bullying their citizens to preserve the language that's being threatened by those dastardly English speakers? Oh, heavens to Betsy - the horror!

I think about Jack Layton (may he rest in peace).  I have every confidence he would be standing up for a better Canada that includes a better Quebec.

Now hear this all you political types.  It's time to pull your finger out of your bottom orifice and see the forest for the dying trees.  Stop whinging about separatism or the language issue.  No one wants to do business with Quebec because of the crackhead rules about nothing that's really of importance.  Fix the roads.  Stop the corruption already!  Focus on what's really important - education, health care and the economy.  I have a sneaky feeling after this election there's going to be another mass exodus as people are gonna get the H-E double hockey sticks outta dodge.

If you know me by now, my sneaky feelings are usually right.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

looky here - Athena's in the newspaper!

Well shiver me timbers, I've gone & got myself quoted in a Sun News Network publication!

Thanks Gina for publishing my tweet for all to see.  In case you were wondering what the fuss was about, I had heard about Angela Merkel's visit to Canada.  Turns out she was here asking for a handout bailout.  Stevie H told her to sort herself out.

Stevie, this is the one good thing you've done since taking office.  At this rate you'll have 5 gold stars on your chart by the next federal election!