Sunday, October 26, 2008

playing gritball

I have been overrun with germs.  Being sick, especially when I've got to move my life in the next few days and tie up a million loose ends.  However, in the midst of moving, I've been cleaning out the clutter - figuratively and literally - and it's really refreshing!   I finally will have the opportunity to make a fresh start... a real fresh start.

Now I will attempt to decongest my sinuses, suppress my coughs and go to bed.  More must be done tomorrow!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

fire sale

I wish I had thought of this AGES ago!  When Christiane used to live here she would sometimes hock her CDs & DVDs whenever she needed some quick cash.  I never thought that I would part with my CD collection but these are desperate times.  I guess this would be a better solution than becoming a pole dancer. 

I'm also seriously considering a fire sale next weekend.  Bree & Blanka are coming to visit so hey - what better way to spend time with yours truly than at a fire sale?

Wow.  It's come down to this.  Still, I have to believe that I'll look back on this and laugh.

When that day comes, I'll be sure to let you know.  As for today, it's just not funny.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I've never known a time in my life where I've felt so helpless.  Every faint glimmer of hope seems to be failing around me.  Just when I think I'm making progress, something happens to 86 that noise.  

A few days ago I went to the Baptist church on the corner to offer up a prayer to the powers that be.  I'm not a regular church goer by no means but I am indeed spiritual.  It was actually quite nice to sit in the church and have a few moments to clear my head.  

Right now I feel defeated.  I just want a better life for myself.  Knowing that the people who share the same DNA strands choose not to help is very disconcerting.  Family, eh?  Whatever.  That word means nothing to me.  Just because you're 'family' doesn't mean squat.  It does hurt  knowing they don't care.  So now I will stop caring about them.

I'm supposed to move in the next few weeks.  How I'm going to pull that off only heaven knows. I'm off to the church for round 2 of Conversations with God.  I need a miracle right now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

just like Diddy...

... I want to hide under my blankets cowering in fear.  Tonight is a sad night in this great country of ours.  There's a good bunch of you all who thought it would be a good idea to keep the James Bond-lookin, penny-pinchin', war-mongerin' right wing fool in power. Shame befall you all!

Maybe you all like the $1200 you get from Stevie Harps.  Is it the broken income trust promise that gave you the inkling that you don't mind his antics?  Betcha it's the uncanny impression they do on Air Farce.  Either way, there's a third of you all out there who just don't give a hoot about those who don't have as much cheddar as you do.   

One day your cheddar will melt.  What will you do then?  Will you look to your steely-eyed leader for help?  You can look but he won't be there - he'll be long gone.  Our economy is in the sewer.  Tonight's results tell me that you thirds don't really mind that this all stinks.

I will go to bed tonight with mixed emotions.  I feel sadness over this election result.  Tomorrow I will wake up with a pillock for a PM but with some of his government cheese in my bank account!  Drinks on Stevie H!

Friday, October 10, 2008

domo arigato, благодарность and dankon to all!

Thanksgiving is finally here... a time where loved ones gather to share in the bounty that is the fall harvest and give thanks for something-or-other whilst shoveling copious amounts of fat-free turkey into their mouths.  Ah, what a glorious time of year!

Lucky Athena is heading home for some free eats, free laundry and family drama - lucky me.   I haven't been home in 6 months but there is a very good reason for that - my hometown is about as exciting as watching the Leafs attempt to make it to the playoffs.  It's the kind of place that rolls up the sidewalks in mid-afternoon and there's still some store owners who don't open on Sundays even after the government passed the Sunday-shopping law several years ago.  My only source of amusement is the local mall where I can watch my hometown's finest residents in all their glory.  Call me a Toronto snob but it's so country back there - so much that when I go home I don't really dress up because I don't want to waste good clothes.  I usually pack tracksuits, sweats and if I have to go out, a nice pair of jeans & sneaks.  

I plan to tell my folks about my pending move to La Belle Province as well.  I know they'll freak but so what?  It's my life (don't you forget....) and this is the best thing for me.

Oh yeah - I came up with a BRILLIANT plan to start my own political party.  I call it "The Singleton Party of Canada" or "Bloc célibataire du Canada".  This party will represent singletons across this great land of ours who are just tryin' to get a nut.  All the other leaders are too focused on seniors, children and families and they just announced that the feds are bailing out mortgages!  This is discrimination against singletons everywhere!  I can't get the $1200 child credit unless I claim my teddy bears.  I also can't claim fees I pay to play sports because it's only for people with kids 16 & younger.  No blanking fair.  Why won't they bail out student loans?  Isn't that why the feds took them over in 2000 because the banks were losing too much dough?  

I'm sure there'll be another election in the next year or so.  Watch for me, Athena Titanides debating with the best of them.  Vive le Bloc célibataire!!

Now I must pack to go home.  Hope I have enough clean trackies.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

pimpin' may be the answer...

Not only did Rogers cut off my PVR, they have cut off my long-distance service.  I can't even call my mother.  


At this point I could consider being a mule for the Colombian pharmaceutical sales industry, an escort or I could just win the lottery.  I have made any and all attempts at getting a job, to which I have to sit here and wait till something comes through.  


something's very wrong

I had a sneaky feeling that there was something wrong.  I wasn't sure what it was but I knew I'd find out soon enough.

Wanna know what's wrong?  Rogers has cut off my PVR, extra channels and my cell phone.  Now I have to watch TV the old-fashioned way.  Those mothercluckers... what next - my Internet?  My land line?  They have taken away my joie de vivre!!!

My situation has now taken a turn for the worse.  My blankhead landlord wants to evict me even though I put in 60 days notice to move out.  

Where's my bailout??  Does anyone care what happens to me??