Wednesday, February 29, 2012

get a job update #6

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leap day

Since I last updated my blog, Whitney Houston passed away.  Yes, she had her issues. Yes, she turned to drugs to deal with her issues.  It's always sad when someone with such talent leaves us.

While the world was mesmerized by Whitney's death, thousands of people were (and still are) dying in Syria.  The Syrian government has taken complete leave of their senses; as a result, the country is suffering.  Where's the aid, world?  Where's the outpouring of aid that we clearly use very selectively?  Is helping a Syrian bad for PR?  If you'd like to help, make a donation to the Red Cross here.

I found out not too long ago Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack this morning.  Man, I used to watch the Monkees all the time as a kid!  Guess I'm really becoming an adult now - I feel like my childhood is slowing drifting away.  Then again, my childhood was mostly shite so I wouldn't want to remember it anyway.

Sure, I'm shocked.  What I'm more shocked about is this robocall nonsense I keep hearing about.  Props to Anonymous for their relentless yet intelligent attacks on our "elected" government.  How is it you are so scared of not winning the election you hire some two-bit company that actually pays their employees to direct voters to the wrong polling stations.  What's worse, these people who received these calls actually believed that Pierre Poutine was telling them the correct information.

Does liberal/left-wing thinking really scare the bejesus out of people? I believe so wholeheartedly.  The Occupy movement is a prime example of this.  Conservatives around the globe are pissing themselves because the masses are rising up.

Listen up, Canada!  We need to rise up and expose the Conservatives for what they really are - petulant scaredy-cats who are afraid of their own shadow.  Clearly they didn't think anyone would find out about their reindeer games during last year's supposed election.  People DIE in other parts of the world for the right to vote.  The Conservative government was banking on the fact that you, Canada, took that right for granted.  Unfortunately, they were right.  Canadians have elected a gun-lovin', thievin', good-for-nothing government that's burned more money than any other government in history.  I said it here first - let's begin the Northern Spring.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

get a job update #5

Since I sent out that initial CV, I sent out 2 others.

Guess what?

I got a "we got your CV and we're looking at it" email.  That's it.

No calls, nothing.

Easy, is it? (bollocks)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

it ain't easy being green

I saw a commercial the other day for Crest Whitestrips that can whiten your teeth in 2 hours.  I wanna know - what in tarnation is on those strips that can whiten the eff out of your teeth in 120 minutes?  Better yet, the women in the commercial were going on a 'road trip'.  Where exactly where they going?  Did they stop because some bloke told them they had arrived?  Confusing.

It still amazes me how people just don't get how they're slowly being poisoned day in & day out.

Yeah, I said it.

How about this candle that can change colour while it breathes phthalates in your airspace?  Reminds me of my Hypercolor t-shirt I had when I was a kid.
People, I'm on my soapbox with a mighty megaphone called the World Wide Web!  We can do so much for ourselves to be green, healthy & chemical free.  How much money would you save if you cleaned your home with vinegar (about $1 per bottle) and baking soda ($1 per box)?  Let's stop feeding the machine.

Plus, going green saves you a TON of money.  Ethan & I have saved so much $$$ making our own personal care & cleaning supplies.  Here's a link to a show I'm completely addicted to called SuperScrimpers - they've got some amazing money-saving ideas!!

get a job update #4

Still no word from that job I applied for.  The posting did say "Ideal for students".  Guess that means if you're over 30, don't bother.

Monday, February 6, 2012

in case you didn't see it...

All Hail the New York Giants! Here's last night's halftime show: Here's another one of my favourite halftime shows of all time:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

get a job update #3

Still no word from the job I applied for.   In the meantime, check out this article from CBC News: