Thursday, December 31, 2009

design of my decade (part 1)

There's a little over an hour left till the hot mess called 2009 is over. Just a decade ago I was in my mother's living room eating munchies because my mother wanted her children together just in case the world went to hell for Y2K. Supposedly the world's gonna end in 2012. Party on!

Since there's all this talk about the decade past it got me thinking about what the last decade was like for me. I liked it about as much as I like watching Ryan Seacreast instead of Dick Clark. I graduated with a degree I didn't use only to switch into a career that barely paid the bills and literally drove me nuts; living in a town that reports shootings & stabbings like baseball scores...

Okay, so this decade hasn't been all crappy. I saw some great concerts and I got to see Stonehenge. I shopped like a fool in London's Oxford Street and laid waste to Target. Most of all, I changed my life.

Me. I did that à la Jon Moxon: "I don't want... [that] life." I chose life - literally. I knew that I was spinning my wheels in Toronto. I had to do something for me. So I moved to the islands and I haven't turned back. I'll never go back there to live... unless Quebec decides to do the bravestar separation thing... Ethan & I will move to Ottawa to be close to his mother.

Ethan. How do I love he... let me count the ways. He'll get a post all to himself.

Speaking of which, I'd better go get the champagne. Check you all next year! (heh heh)

Monday, November 30, 2009

tis' the season

I feel I must comment on the world around me and its general goings-on.

First of all, SHAME on those fools who tried to crash the White House state dinner. I can't even put into words how utterly pathetic that is. Sure, you're trying to get onto a reality show. Are you hoping for fame & fortune by how many pics you can post on your Facebook page. Folks, I thought this was a joke. Alas, there are people out there with a LOT of time on their hands.

Props to the Alouettes for winning the Grey Cup! I'll admit, I didn't think they'd win it but man, what a testament to not giving up. No matter what, they kept fighting. That's what I'm doing now - I'm still fighting.

As the holidays approach, I can't help but feel a sense of calm. It's like I know there's an opportunity for me out there just beyond my reach. I know it; I feel it; I sense it. Plus this is the first holiday season I'm spending with Ethan - I'm really excited about that!

Even though I won't have a lot of cheddar for the holidays, I want it to be the best ever. I won't be going home (meh... oh well) but I'll have Ethan. :0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another year on

Can't believe I've been in Montreal for more than a year. Where has the time gone? It honestly feels like a couple of months ago that I packed up my life and headed for the border (the provincial one, that is). I'm officially a Montrealaise. I like the sound of that!

In my endless search for jobs online, I came across a very intriguing bit o' news regarding Gamerz. There will be blood - as in redundancies around the world. Imagine that! Christiane says I must have a guardian angel looking out for me. She's absolutely right. This isn't the first time that I didn't get a job with a company that was either about to go under or on the brink of redundancies. Thank you, angel of mine. Could you please ask your homies to hook me up with a job? The waiting is doing my head in!

Every day I wake up and ask myself if today is going to be that breakthrough day. Today was just like that except nothing happened. I send off applications - then I wait. I wait for someone on the other end of the database to see my CV. I wait for them to say, this person looks viable. I wait for the phone to ring to schedule an interview to discuss how my experience & education would be a valued asset to their organization. I wait for feedback. I wait for my new headhunter to hear feedback. Then I wait some more.

My dreams echo my sentiments these days. I dream of having magical powers, oceans and the desert. Looks like my subconscious is right in line with my conscious.

Here's something to think about - what happens after I get a job?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

help wanted

I'm starting to think I'm addicted to looking at job postings and checking email. It's like an incessant craving that I can't seem to satisfy. If a few hours go by and I haven't checked my email, then I start to feel like I've missed out on someone emailing me for an interview and I haven't responded quickly enough... yep, I can see this spiraling all to hell.

Check ben ça - I have to wait until the end of the week for a company to make a decision on if I'll get the job of a 2 month contract. Seriously?! Even Mrs. Titanides thinks this is odd. She also said she doesn't think I'll get it because my boss would be younger than me so that'll make her get her back up. Christiane is older than her boss and they get on just fine.

Ethan's going through some shenanigans at his work - Ethan's boss is someone who gets off on being the 'man' at work and since Ethan is challenging that by (get this) doing his job properly, he's getting a 30 day warning to shape up or ship out. Ethan thinks he's done something wrong however it can't be - who gets in trouble for actually doing your job right?

Why do some people treat work as their sole social outlet? Sure, you may meet some colleagues that may become friends over time... maybe even significant others (I have been guilty of dipping my pen in the office ink from time to time)... yet at the end of the work day, it's just work. End of. It's not life - at least, not for me. Work stays at work. Just because they spend 8 hours with you doesn't make them bosom buddies. I'm starting to feel like I don't fit in on the playground because all the kids have their friends already and no one wants the new kid around.

I'm going to go play by myself in the sandbox. You know that the kids that were left out in school are most likely to turn out to be the gazillionaires...

Monday, October 26, 2009

shop shop shop

You ain't gonna believe this! Last week I'm in the mall spending my hard-earned dole and I happened upon a contest to win a $1000 mall gift card.


I nearly busted poor Ethan's eardrums when I told him the news. He's really happy for me- more so because he feels I needed some good news. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up the card and do a bit of me shopping then I'm going to buy some stuff for Ethan later on in the week. Love how he's all like "I can only shop for 30 minutes but I want to get 2 dress shirts and 2 pairs of dress pants." Uh-huh. If there are any men who can debunk this, I'd love to know.

We had a good chat on the weekend about fear and the excess amounts I feel every day. It's like this - I fear moving on from HR. I thought that's what I was supposed to do on this earth yet I think the universe has other plans for me since I've run into all kinds of foolishness with my CHRP designation. Now I'm seriously considering scrapping the four letters altogether to move onto something else. I do embrace change yet I have a hard time letting go of HR. I feel like it'll all have been for naught, you know? I did learn some very important lessons during that time... Christiane says it's OK to close that chapter of my life and move on to something else.

But what? is the $64,000 question.

According to this test thingy on, I'm a creator and an influencer. I do enjoy creating things and coming up with new ideas. I used to write a ton of poetry in my messed-up-head days but I put that aside for some unknown reason. Nowadays this blog is where I can be really creative.

(I've been clicking back & forth to the mall website to see what I can see. I'm so excited!!!)

Why do I have all this fear? I am the only one preventing me from moving forward. That's why I came here in the first place - to move forward.

Tomorrow I shop. Woot, woot, woot, woot!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

confessions of a disgrunted statistic

Gamerz officially stinks.

So this job is now posted three times on craigslist and elsewhere in cyberspace. After trying to email these yahoos to see what the heck is happening, they keep giving me cryptic answers. What's the big idea? Are you too cool for school? Can't give a straight answer? For the love of Pete.

Whilst in my cybertravels I came across another job posting that seemed viable so I set out to faire parvenir mon CV. I was checking out the company location when I noticed that the address on the posting is different from the address on the company website. That's right, kids. Where in the name of heaven is this place supposed to be? Come on. Such an error could have huge repercussions if that information was sent to the wrong party.

Employers put so much responsibility on us job seekers to have the perfect CV sans typos, etc. You know, job hunting is just as much a hunt for the employee as it is for the employer. Why can't employers take the same time out to check their postings and ensure they're sound? How about keeping your website up to date? It's called candidate marketing. I know this because I've done it before for a company that I hated more than life itself yet I had to come up with ways to attract the best & brightest.

To all my fellow statistics out there pounding cyberpavement - don't settle for any crap from employers. In an interview, ask them how they've been affected by the toilet-like economy. If you hear words like "reorganization", "workforce reduction", "new strategies" - run for the hills. They don't know their left from right and have no clue what's going on (ProServ comes to mind). If you see that the job has been reposted, fear not - this means they don't know what they want in a candidate and likely need a double-double and a couple of Timbits to figure it out.

I know I'm a competent candidate. I got skillz. I believe in myself enough that I'd be an asset to any company. As of this very moment, I REFUSE to put up with employer shenanigans! Statistics of Montreal unite! Let's send a message to employers out there to clean up their act and then maybe we can get jobs and pay our bills!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

turkey, turkey everywhere

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I spent it with Ethan and his family and it was lovely. I called home on Saturday and looks like I didn't miss much at the Titanides homestead - more drama and other ish.

Ethan and I were discussing my job situation and he thought I should host a cooking show for broke folks like myself. I know this sounds odd, yet it strangely relates to this vision I had where I was telling someone "I never thought I'd be writing for television". Personally I'd rather have a talk show where I could tell people what's up... à la Jeremy Kyle.

So my interview with Gamerz went nowhere. They've reposted the job and have neglected to return my calls. I kind of wondered about this yet I have to believe it's for the best. The universe is looking out for me and knows I won't put up with any workplace shenanigans.

Now off I go to watch The Biggest Loser.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

show no fear

I had a phone interview today with Gamerz. They're a company that produces video games for (shall we say) enthusiasts all over the planet. I was getting a little nervous about it but then something Ethan said in a text made me feel like I could do anything...

Show no fear.

You know what? I rocked that interview. I felt great afterwards!!

Now I'm here thinking about all the things I'm fearful about and it's all a load of hooey. Fear is hooey, people. One huge thing I've been fearful about is working out.

I'm gonna do this, people - come hell, high water or a bad hair day (I seem to be having a lot of those lately) I'm going to get my backside moving.

Of course my fitness regime will start tomorrow m0rning. I'm tired now and I want to read a bit before I sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day, kids! A brand new day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the show must go on

Not sure why this is but I feel like I'm losing faith. Ethan keeps assuring me that I'm not the only one who's looking for work in this toilet-like economic climate. He went through it along with some of his friends. Sure, that's comforting and bless Ethan's heart for saying so... I'm just wondering when my time will be. My time to shine. My time where I can bask in the glory that the universe has to offer.

I was at a CLE today faxing a resume when a man approached me and asked for help with Word - he wanted to make a few changes to his CV and wasn't sure how. I said, no problem, I'll show you. Unfortunately he had an old floppy disk that wasn't working so I explained to him that he should invest in a USB flash drive. He thanked me for my help and off I went to send my fax (a real one).

Ethan says that was my good deed for the day. I did feel good helping out that man. Makes me think about that psychic I met almost 10 years ago who told me my chosen career would be something where I can ask people "How can I help you?" Now here I can trying so desperately to find that career.

These days I live for my EI cheque so I can buy food, pay rent and maybe a treat of sorts. Yay.
Tomorrow just happens to be one of those days.

Oh yeah - I didn't get the job at ProServ. They even reposted the blasted job! Ethan suggested I call them and raise hell however I don't want to - it's better to leave well enough alone. It's obvious that they don't know which way is up so I certainly want no part of that. Listen up kids - stay the eff away from ProServ!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

dancing in September

Can you believe it's September?! I can't. It's almost fall. When I was a kid I loved fall - the clothes, the fresh school supplies and the sort of 'New Years' feeling that the fall season brings. It's almost as if the world is saying, enough fun has been had - it's time to buckle down and get serious before the winter comes.

So I've been on 3 interviews for a role at ProServe here in Montreal. This scenario is quite unexpected to say the least - when I first saw the posting I didn't think I had the qualifications yet they seemed to think so! Now I wait for their final decision. I hate this part of the process. I don't want to get my hopes up yet I can't help but feel hopeful. I really want to find something so I can get out of the house, do something meaningful during the day and build up my bank account.

In the proverbial meantime, I'm still looking for jobs. Ethan has been a huge support through all of this. He's kind, caring and knows just what I need while letting me be me. You rock, Ethan - you really do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

let's hear it for the boy

Is it wrong that I have a boyfriend instead of a job? Yes, you read correctly. I am off the market. Now I'm wondering when our anniversary is going to be... is it our first date? The day we had the final status check? The first time we made toast? I really don't know. Either way, I'm really happy. Ethan is a great catch. He actually understands me and he supports me. Props to Steve Harvey's book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man - every woman needs to read this book. Hands down this book is the best dating reference out there because it makes the most sense.

In other news, my job search has taken an interesting turn. A few weeks ago I had to write 4 (count'em - four!?) aptitude tests for a job that paid less than 30K. I've tried talking to my friends about this and the general consensus is that I 'should' (therapist told me that the word 'should' is a bad one) get a meantime job until I find a better one. Grrr. That 30K rubbish was a meantime job for Chrissakes! I still haven't heard from them and that was almost a month ago. Just this past Monday I went for an interview for another meantime job... 20 minutes in they tell me that I would be doing a disservice to myself in an admin assistant role. They also told me to pursue HR roles in multinationals and not to settle for anything less.

Why is this such a difficult thing for everyone to understand? I will not settle. End of. Sure, it's not cool being on the dole however I'd rather do that then hop from job to job to job. I did enough of that in Toronto. Sometimes I even wonder how I can get away with having 8 jobs in 7 years. I'd much rather take time and find a good fit for me where I can stay there and experience this crazy thing called stability. I took a meantime job once and I felt like utter crap - I had a job to pay the bills and nothing else. I couldn't really do anything fun like go on holiday because all my money went to pay bills. I know that is not how I envisioned my life when I finished school; I wanted a great career and an even better quality of life. I still want that almost a decade later. On pain of death I will not yield!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been out of work for six months now and I tell you, today is the most bored I've felt since.

There are things I could be doing - unpacking boxes that have yet to be touched since I've moved here; tons of old documents need to be shredded however I simply don't feel like it. I don't feel like doing anything. Why is it that doing nothing can make me so blasted tired? I nap at least an hour per day? Odd.

To date, I've sent out 55 resumes. Does that sound like a lot? It sure f'n does. I've had 2 interviews with no success. According to the law of large numbers, if I keep up my all-out assault then something should pan out. I sure hope so because I'm actually going mad.

Bree is due in town this week. I may not be able to spend tons o' cash but it'll be nice to get out of the house for a bit.

On a brighter note, things are going along swimmingly with Ethan. I daresay we're moving in the right direction.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

irreversible change

I had to downsize my cable package a few days ago so now I subscribe to PBS. I used to watch it all the time as a kid! One day I was watching this show called Sid The Science Kid... I sat there quite fascinated, really - Sid was learning about how heat can change things into another form but he wanted to know if he could change them back. His teacher said no, unfortunately - the process is called irreversible change.

Of course, my mind started to wonder about this concept. Irreversible change. Sid the Science Kid understands irreversible change to mean that if you cook apples over heat, you can make applesauce however you cannot turn the applesauce back into solid apples. What a concept!

Has irreversible change played a part in recent events? Could it be that this scientific concept be the underlying reason of all that's gone down? Each day I wake up and start anew... I guess it's good that I even wake up as I shudder to think about the alternative. I try to live for the Now yet I can't help but wonder about the future. Am I ever going to find a decent job? Any thoughts of teaching English are out the window for the time being as the school I was going to attend has apparently gone under. I have taken this development as a sign to say I was meant for something else - what I don't know.

A bit of soulsearching has revealed that I can go back into HR and feel good about it. I reminded myself that this ain't Toronto and people aren't as asinine here as they are back there. There are some pretty lucrative opportunities out there - I have every faith in myself that I can do any one of them. Guess it's up to the universe to determine which one it will be, right?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

happy blog b-day!

Can you believe it - today my blog is one year old! Woot, woot! I don't know if anyone is actually following my blog since I don't really like writing about the goings-on of people with more money than most but hey, if you're out there, thanks for reading about life.

More later on my life one year on.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I feel sick

Sometime on Sunday I felt a tickle in my throat, more like a burning sensation. Drinking water seemed to calm it down so I didn't think anything of it. Ethan came by on Monday evening and that's when the tickle became a searing pain and it hurt to cough.

Yesterday I must've drank about 8 litres of water because it was all I had to cure myself. Today is another story - the searing pain in my throat has moved to my head, I've got chills, body aches and a runny nose. I know you're thinking SWINE FLU!!!! and yes, that thought has crossed my mind as well. I haven't had the flu since 1998. Bugger it all.

Bree says it could be brought on by stress. She's probably right as these last few weeks I've been freaking out over bills and money. I can't live on Steve-H's guvment cheese for much longer. I had an interview last week and I have yet to hear about the results. Sure as hell I'm not calling them as I've lost my voice entirely so I'm going to send an email on Friday if I haven't heard anything by then. It's funny how I had a feeling about this job opportunity yet now my sneaky feelings are being smothered by other people's germs. Ick.

This is going to sound silly but I wish I had someone to take care of me... you know, bring me soup, orange juice, real apple juice & KFC... That could be Ethan's role yet I've only known him for a few weeks and I don't expect him to do that for me at this stage in the game. It'll take me that much longer to get well since everyone's doing their thing and I'm only afterthought Athena.
So let me set the record straight. Just when you think that Athena is caught up in her own life, she's not. She's sitting at home, day after day hoping her situation is going to change. She survives on a pittance every so often from our elected officials. She gets 1 call per day to see if she's still kicking (if she's lucky). Calls to her friends go unanswered for days as they, unlike Athena, have found better meat elsewhere.

Now I must go and rub Vicks on myself and hope to all hell that things change... soon and for the better.

Friday, July 10, 2009

it's Friday

Didja miss me? Ha ha. I've been looking for jobs like mad lately. All that energy I used to look for a date I'm now using to find myself gainful employment. I just got tired of looking through the same slew of hapless guys in hopes of finding one that was somewhat viable. Just when I was about to throw in the proverbial towel, along comes Ethan Thornton-Harrison III.

I really don't want to say much about Ethan at this point so I don't jinx anything but I'll say this - Ethan is a breath of fresh air. So far we've had a great time together. And that's all I have to say about that - at least until things are a bit further down the road, you know? Let's move on.

The Michael Jackson memorial was on this week. I enjoyed it a lot yet I still feel a pang of sadness. An icon that helped define my childhood is now gone. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again - life is short. Life can end in a flash. Do I want to sit around and do nothing and feel miserable? Hell, no. I want to have a full life. Never thought I would actually say this but I want to work... mostly to have something to do during the day as I'm feeling more & more haunted as the days go on.

For some reason, I'm not so sure about teaching English. I mainly wanted to do it so I could get outta dodge and head to sunny Spain. I still want to go to Spain one day soon yet these days I'm thinking I could make a go of it here in Montreal. I moved here to have a better quality of life so why would I bail out now? Despite the fact that I feel like an immigrant sometimes, I'm determined to find something that I'll enjoy doing. Maybe I'll even find something that incorporates the teaching aspect and helping others. I've got a sneaky feeling about one such opportunity.

I guess it's just a matter of time before something comes to light. I've got the Law of Averages working for me this time around!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

in the air tonight

I feel really weird right now. I don't know if it's PMS or what but it's like time has turned into a big bowl of Jello and I'm like a piece of pineapple floating around in it. Try as I might to shake myself out of it I can't.

One morning I woke up trying really, really hard to change things. I look for jobs like nobody's business. I look for a special someone to curb feelings of loneliness. Maybe the cosmos put me into this big bowl of Jello to tell me to let it do what it needs to do. I want to work. I want to love. I know I can do both.

Here is my official appeal to the powers that be - take your big spoon and scoop me out of this Jello. Let me experience what life is like with someone to love and something to work towards.

Besides, I don't like Jello.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moving Day

Every time I update my blog I always have some kind of shenanigans to report. This update is no different. I long for a time where I can just talk about work, my significant other and my new career. No chance. Hold your hats kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I actually got EI! I so own it! Of course, all the money I got is practically gone - bills, rent, food, treats, you know how that goes. I got the kiss-off from Big Top Entertainment mostly for being a lowly anglophone. The funniest thing of all is my last two dates which were complete disasters. There was Toothless MJ who wouldn't pay for dinner and Zeth the Greek Victor Newman. Zeth was indeed a gentleman yet after 24 hours I was already married tending to our flock of goats in the village back in Greece. Easy, star! Plus he was a hairy bastard a- like a yeti.

Today is Moving Day and I'm movin' on. I still believe I'll find someone on that site but I'm going to take a break from it for a bit. I know what I want yet I come across others that haven't a clue. Yeah, I'm fly - as long as I believe it that's what counts.

I've been thinking about going back to school to become an adult education teacher. I've been researching what it takes to become a teacher in Quebec and so far, I'm terribly confused! From what I've been able to gather so far is that I have to go to an accredited university for up to 3 years. Yikes! No tengo muchos dineros for that sort of thing.

The job search continues as now I'm focused on finding something that's not going to drive me to drink. There are jobs out there however it's like finding a significant other - I don't know what they want. I can't help the fact that I'm an Ontarian anglophone - nor can I help the fact that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Then again I have to believe one day the stars will align and I'll find what I seek. When that happens, someone's going to lose an eye!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

where were you when...

Michael Jackson is dead. Long live the King of Pop.

I'll always remember where I was when I heard the news - I was on the phone and I happened to glance at Facebook and people were posting comments about his death... so I turned on CBC Newsworld and then it was confirmed - Michael Jackson had died of cardiac arrest.

Sure, it's a shock. I'm actually really moved by this. Sure, he had issues. Who doesn't these days? How ironic is it that in times like this my thoughts always come back to the same thing - life is short. You honestly never know when your time is up.

Suddenly my problems don't seem to matter anymore. I am struggling at the moment with literally no money to speak of and not much to eat... yet I'm alive. I've got hope for a better tomorrow. I got some EI dosh coming in soon and a potential chum on the horizon (more about MJ later) so things are indeed looking up.

No matter what happens in life I'm going to keep fighting the good fight. I could very well be hit by a bus tomorrow and it would all be over. At that point I can look back and say, yes, there were tough times however there were also good times. More than ever I will do whatever I can to make sure I get the absolute most out of life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ostie crisse je m'en calice

I had my fourth date in two weeks with Charles. Two words can describe this man:
  1. All
  2. Bran
My sneaky feelings were right on point. When I first saw Charles' picture, I thought he looked like he could use a good stool softener. Two weeks of emailing and 150 minutes (I'll never get them back) later, I was right. Charles is a francophone in denial. He hates being French-Canadian. He lacks the ability to hold up his end of a conversation. He doesn't like to let loose and just have fun. Funny how he's thinking of moving to Toronto - he will fit in just fine with the rest of those status-chasing whack-jobs. To top it all off, his chest is practically an afro! I was tempted to say to him, guy, you need a pick & some Afro Sheen on that jazz. How did this guy have a girlfriend? Good gravy.

So here I am listening to 'Born Slippy' wondering what next. Do I take myself out of the sea for the time being? I'm beginning to think there's nothing out there for me. I even stooped so low as to call Jean-Marc, my new "friend". I saw He's Just Not That Into You. I read He's Just Not That Into You - three times. Why on earth am I calling him? Okay, I just deleted his number from my phone. Ironic how out of all the guys I've dated so far, I liked Jean-Marc the best but his heart is elsewhere. Only in Athena's World would such foolishness happen.

Right now it's as if all avenues have been exhausted and I'm left with nothing. Did you know that I applied to St-Hubert yesterday for a job? That's how desperate my situation is right now. Luciana says I'm too hard on myself and I should chill a bit. I know she's right yet it doesn't stop me from wanting the best for myself. I flatly refuse to settle for anything less that the best - end of. I know what I want to do with my life. I know what kind of guy I'm looking for. I know Montreal is my home. So what's the problem? Why am I having such an issue going from A to B? Only the Sun knows that.

Before I forget, here's my top 5 hottest men on the planet:
Gabriel Gervais - he is a work of art that stopped me from breathing.
Rob James-Collier - so what if he's dating a WAG. He's single in my dreams!
Fernando Torres - I love his freckles... they're so cute!
Adam van Koeverden - Christiane thinks he doesn't like girls. I know he'd like me.
Henry Cavill - yes, my Lord, I shall visit thee in thy chamber this night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

my predilections

I don't even know where to start.

First & foremost my fishing expeditions are getting to be quite interesting. Moira & I have a challenge going to see who can get the most dates. So far we're tied at 3! Last night I got stood up by a bloke named Nathan. We got on great over the phone yet his looks were certainly not up to par. Oh well. Guess I just wasn't that into him anyway.

Then there's Jean-Marc. I can't really put that date into words just yet as it still seems surreal. I'll say this much - he's an incredible catch that I wish I could take home and show the world. I have a feeling the adventures of Athena & Jean-Marc are long from over.

I've also been emailing this lad named Charles for at least a week now. I do like Charles a lot yet I know there's no way he's in the mindset for a relationship right now as he's in the midst of changing careers. According to Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, if a guy doesn't have his career together he feels like he's discombobulated.

Earlier this morning I felt so fired up! I've got an interview with Big Top Talent tomorrow morning and I know I'm going to rock the house. So what if it's all in French. They would be a fool not to hire me as I believe in myself. I know it's not teaching English yet I still haven't lost sight of that goal. I'm also thinking of teaching adult education; specifically adult literacy. Wouldn't that be just so intrinsically rewarding? Intrinstic rewards are more important to me than monetary rewards. It's not like I don't want to earn what I'm worth yet I'd rather feel good about a job well done. Money will always come in time.

Now more than ever I have to stay true to the things I want. I'll never settle for second best in any aspect of this life. Finally I know what I'm looking for in a career and in a mate. Ain't no stopping Athena now!

p.s. I had a dream two nights ago that I was dressed head to toe in white gossamer walking on water. Guess it was because Jean-Marc called me a goddess and an oracle. That is I - Athena, goddess of wisdom, heroic endeavours and war. Booyah.

Monday, June 8, 2009

begin again

As if I'm sitting here with a busted ankle. It's bright purple and about the size of a tennis ball. This is what I get for putting myself out there on the dating scene.

I went out with Insensitive Marek on Saturday night and well, it wasn't the greatest of dates. He seemed a little frigid; even crossing his arms at one point. We're kicking around a soccer ball and POP! I roll over on my right ankle. Best part of all is that Marek just stands there watching me cry in pain and does nothing. To make a long story short, I will not be seeing this fool again. When times are hard, people's true colours come out. Since this coolio didn't do much to help me out, what would he be like in a relationship when times are bad? Would he just stand there and do nothing? I don't even want to know. Let him continue to find himself by himself and leave me be to tend to my purple ankle.

Enough about that - just the thought of it is making me snicker.

I reapplied for EI today as the unemployment rate in Montreal went up to 9.5%. That's kinda bad if you think about it - that's 95000 people looking for work, not counting the underemployed and others who don't count in StatsCan surveys for whatever reason. I'm hoping that this time around there's no foolishness when it comes to my claim. I was told by a puppy maker at Service Canada that if I reapplied I'd get a response within the 28-day timeframe. Here goes!

Now is the time to begin again. I'm applying for jobs but all the while I keep thinking about taking the ESL course and teaching come this fall. For once I know where I want to go and feel good about it. I can take a course in August yet I need to get to August, you know? There's bills to pay and my mouth to feed. I can't help but look to the future as the present isn't so bright, especially now that I've got a busted purple ankle.

Perhaps my ankle is a sign for me to slow down and take stock of what's been going on as of late. I could be putting myself out there too soon as my ducks aren't really in a row (will they ever be? Does that actually happen?). I can't really rely on EI as income because it's a crap shoot. Finding a job is also proving to be difficult since I know deep down I'll quit once I start teaching. So what's most important? Right now it's my ankle. It looks horrific. Come what may next.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

pimpin' really ain't easy

Ah, we have come to the end of another sunny day in Athena's World.  I bought some groceries and picked up Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man from the library.  Guess who I should see entertaining a lady friend is none other than Emile!  Man, this cat gets around!

Emile seemed genuinely happy to see me but I couldn't say much for his companion.  I wonder if that's his girlfriend and not the 15-year-old-looking girl I last saw him with.  I'm sure Emile thinks I am one of many and he's the hombre, you know?  Sorry homes, you weren't man enough for me.  I would still like to be friends with him nonetheless - I actually mean that!

I just spent the last hour or so on Plenty Of Fish.  This site is quite intriguing to be honest.  It's a great way to people watch, even thought it's only by searching profile after profile after profile.  So far the one thing that's stuck out the most is the difference between guys from here and guys from Toronto.  Guys in Toronto are really hot and they know it.  Their profiles are so egotistical and unsincere.  Here, guys are more down to earth.  Sure, they work but that doesn't define them.   I'm sure I'll catch a fish one day soon!

I did manage to send out a few messages and I'm hoping I'll get some responses in the next few days.  In all honesty, I've not a clue how this is supposed to work.  Am I not supposed to sit back and let the fish come to me?  Why am I attracting the 50+ crowd?  Why do guys insist on uploading pics of their exploding chests?  Clearly if that's all you think you have to offer I'm going to keep looking.  What happens after I message them?  Is there a protocol that's supposed to go down? Beats the flaming hellfires out of me.

Today has also found me exhausted after a pre-9am phone screen.  I could barely speak and I wonder if I get the chance for an interview.  Somehow I doubt it but we'll see what happens.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

let's play "Sotomayor says"

I've been curious about this Sotomayor person I keep hearing about on the news.  So here's what I found out:

Her name is Sonia Sotomayor and she was recently nominated to the US Supreme Court.  In 2001 she made a speech and she said,

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.

This is what people seem to be losing their minds about.  Seriously??  When I saw this I thought, good gravy, Fox News has nothing better to report on.   What if she left out the "white" part and just said male?  Would she be labelled as a man-hater?  Come on, folks - let it go.  Why not try reporting on something meaningful... like how a haircut in Zimbabwe costs 1 trillion Zimbabwean dollars which is the equivalent of $3 USD.

gone fishin'

All right kids, I have an announcement.  I'm now a fish on Plenty of Fish.  No, I haven't lost my mind.  Those who know me well know that I tried 'fishing' sometime last year with horrific results.  The guys I met were well past their sell-by date and dare I say it, pretty busted looking.

I just had this feeling today that I've got nothing to lose.  So I log on and upload a pic and fill out my profile.  I hate writing those blurbs... I always think I'm going to say something foolish like how I love long walks on the beach.  Sure, I live on an island but that's preposterous.

Along comes a Polish bloke named Marek.  We exchange emails for most of the afternoon and we arrange to meet up this Saturday to play football.  Thank the Sun I don't have to worry about what makeup to wear since I'll be clad head to toe in lululemon.  

Of course I'll keep you posted on this new development.  Isn't life fun!?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

from atop my soapbox... again

I just watched the hot mess that is I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!  I don't know if I'll get that time or the brain cells back however it's that type of reality that literally is so addictive you gotta keep watching to see what happens next.  

Watching that show is not what prompted me to get out my soapbox.  During the show, one of the contestants was actually baptized in the name of Jesus before making a 'dramatic' exit.  That's right kids - bloody baptized.  Hearing these fools go on and on about how they're born-again Christians and they try to live the life of Christ every day is beyond nauseating.  Are they really Christian?  Better yet, is there even such a thing?  I want to shout from my soapbox that I do not believe in Christianity and its followers.  The Roman Catholic Church is a farce of an organization.  When you give to the church, you're funding someone's lavish lifestyle while you scrape by on government cheddar and food stamps.  Save your money, folks.

My Aunt Marion is a perfect example of these coconuts.  She told me that the ONLY way to live is to pray and read the Bible.  Why would I want to read something commissioned by Constantine & the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD?  Our homey Constantine was a Roman Emperor who was getting heat from the sun worshippers and the Christians.  In order to save his own ass, he decided to fuse heliolatry and Christ worship to form Catholicism.  The masses were happy and off they went to burn witches at the stake and massacre thousands in the name of Christ.  Fast-forward a few centuries and you've got the Holy See condemning birth control & homosexuality only to turn a blind eye while Catholic priests were discovered to be total diddlers.  Yeah, like I'm going to praise that.

If you are reading this and damning me to tell, go for it.  I don't mind since that is clearly what gets you through the day.  This Jesus jazz just isn't for me.  

Now I will direct my rant onto a blogger who will remain nameless.  This blogger has a site where they post their views for all to see... yet as a fan of this blog I was shocked to see the blasphemous comments madebabout Canada.  You know who you are so listen to this.

Canada may be a land of igloos, mounties and Tim Hortons but we are more free than you Yanks to the south.  We do not fear our own shadow.  While the rest of the planet can't stand your stank modus operandi and your constant meddling into affairs that are not your own, other countries actually like us.  We can travel the globe and wear our flag proudly while you run to the local embassy because someone spat at your feet.  We are an intelligent nation and laugh at you because your kids are so thick they can't even point out where they live on a map.  We brought the world basketball. Insulin.  The BlackBerry.  Instant replay.  The telephone.  What have you Yanks given the world?  Nothing but aggro and a state of unrest. And yes, we do have a queen.  Her name is Elizabeth II.  She lives in a faraway land called the United Kingdom.  You'd know that if you paid attention in history class.

Our men are fine and we women are a force to be reckoned with.  We are more than a hockey-loving nation.  We embrace other cultures and do not force new citizens to leave their ancestry at the border.  Most of all, we have free health care.  Canada may not have star power but we have power nonetheless.  You Yanks are the real rednecks.  You are the reason for the global recession.  You are the world's worst polluter.  While your head of state is a respectable man, he sure has his work cut out for him as he tries to make your pathetic union a fraction of all that is Canada.  So, my bloody Americans, stay on your side of the border and leave us in peace. Our milk may come in a bag and we might have funny accents yet we live in peace with ourselves and the rest of humankind.



So GM went under yesterday.  No surprise there really, to be honest.  Here's a company who prided themselves on making these behemoth cars that suck gas like nobody's business.  For a time this worked for them and they made a lot of money.   Then one day somebody realized, yo - maybe these cars aren't so good for the planet.  Just like the tobacco companies, GM said no worries - our cars are just fine.  A few days after that, someone else bought a smaller car that didn't need to suck as much gas.  This trend caught on so much that green became the new black.  How did GM respond, you ask?  They put thousands of people out of jobs in the name of profits and continued selling behemoth gas-sucking cars.  Then the US government gave them billions to help them out but after all that, they still threw in the towel.  Cha.

I shake my head at these fools but nothing burns my cookies more than hearing that I, Athena Titanides, is now a part owner of GM Canada.  Stevie & D-Mac decided that it would be a great idea to take $10 billion and 'save' GM Canada.  Seriously?!  What kind of idiot move is that in this economic climate?  It's like if I took the precious little I have and bought a 65" plasma TV.  What in the hell for???  I'm glad I don't live in Ontario anymore.  If I were those folks I'd be livid.  Props to D-Mac for trying to save the manufacturing sector however if they were smart about it, they could put that money to much better use.  GM has no plans to make cars that are in demand right now.  So why invest in something that clearly has not worked in the past?   Duh.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday night

I've got a beer for Saturday night.  Been awhile since I last had one so I figure, hey, why not?  At least I can just go out and get one... not like Ontario.  Just heard that LCBO has set a strike date of June 24th.  Y'all better stock up!  One more reason why I love living in Montreal.

So why do I have this Bridget Jones feeling?  I just spoke with Emile and he has informed me that he has a new girlfriend.  I know I just wasn't that into him but how is it possible that this little weird guy can find someone to date and I sit here with my beer on a Saturday night?  If anyone has the answer to that question, I'd really like to know.  Then I have to wonder, am I even date material with no job and having to rely on welfare to pay for my lone beer?  I can see it now... "Hi, I'm Athena.  I live alone and I am not gainfully employed.  I can't afford to date unless we do something that costs nothing.  I used to think that I found my life's purpose but now I'm not so sure.  I might be a bit of a hot mess however I still look good." Perhaps not.

I get my welfare cheque on Monday.  Happy days!  I can buy a bus pass and groceries.  I may even pop down to Simons to get myself a cheer-up gift.  I can pay half the rent (half is better than none).  What happens next?  Chrissakes, I wish I knew.  I can't help but wonder if life is a constant conundrum... like every day is a season finale and you have to wait for weeks on end to find out what happened to your favourite character.  All my attempts to rewrite the plot have failed.

Guess all I can do on this Saturday night is just to continue searching for that elusive a-ha moment... when everything comes together -life calling, someone to talk and share with... I'm sure there's clues all around and I have yet to put them together.  From here on out Athena is on the case.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

it is time

Funny is this thing called life.  Got a letter in the mail today stating that the TESL course (read: my life's next destination) is cancelled.  I did have a funny feeling about it for some time now and of course, fear has reared its ugly head.  To top it all off, EI is also a no go as I was missing 120 minutes of work to qualify.  Go Liberals & EI reform!!

Here I am at a crossroads of sorts.  I could reapply for the dole again and see what happens, I could get a whatever job or I could win the lottery.  Yes, the lottery is a possibility.  Anything is possible in Athena's World.   

Now, more than ever, I have to learn to let go.  There are forces at work out there that are beyond me and I don't seem to want to allow them to do their thing.  If I'm not in some way doing something about it then I'm not satisfied; I feel like I could've done more.  Starting today, I'm going to do just that.  My life, as it stands now, is in the hands of an entity other than myself.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

they done did it now

Third time's a charm, kids.  Luciana was supposed to visit this weekend and despite my efforts to contact her, she's a no-show.  What the hell is up with this?  Am I not worth the trip?  Of course, this rant is not directed towards Briony as she did come for New Years.  

I'm beginning to wonder if I am a friend of little or no consequence.  After all, it's just Athena - always broke, unemployed and generally not much fun.  Bah.  No wonder I've taken a very pro-Athena stance over the last year or so.  I am a very selfish person these days.  I look out for my own interests since it appears everyone else only worries about themselves.  Sure, I lack family and a significant other but it doesn't mean that I'm not worthy of companionship.  Either way, I gotta find ways to amuse myself since it's going to be another quiet weekend.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

plastic, plastic, everywhere

If I don't comment on this latest bit of absurdity I think I might burst.

Apparently the Canadian Plastics Industry Association has conducted a study on reusable bags concluding that these bags carry a lot of bacteria and could cause severe illness.  "...single use bags... are the most safest and sanitary options."

Not only is this a load of hooey, it's a desperate attempt to convince consumers to stick to using plastic bags regardless of the harm it does to our planet.  The Canadian Plastics Industry Association wants you to stop using reusable bags so they can get their profits back on track.  Plus they're using bacteria as a means to scare us back into using plastic bags, even though a lot of stores are starting to charge five cents per bag in order to reduce consumption.   

Listen up kids - Athena is about to get back up on her soapbox.  Heed not the words of this preposterous study.  The best way to fight bacteria on your reusable bags is to (survey says) wash them.  Just like your damn hands.  Any healthcare expert will tell you that the best way to fight bacteria of any sort is to WASH with soap and water.  End of.


Funny how things turn out, eh?  I reconnected with my friend Marcel and he's planning to come visit in July... really.  He even sent me some cash!  May the Sun shine down on him.

So I'm downtown running a few errands and just as Providence would have it, I run into Emile and what appears to be his new lady friend.  No word of a lie, I damn near burst out laughing as when I saw him I thought to myself, Self, I think I miss this little bugger's company.  He seemed happy to see me and he introduced me to his lady friend (her name escapes me already so let's call her Susie).  Susie was about three apples high which made me snicker, possibly out loud.  

I'd been wanting to say thank you to Emile for inspiring me to teach English and now I have.  He was happy for me and told me he had friends who would be very interested in taking lessons from me once my certification was finalized.  I was just about to take the metro so I asked them if they were going in the same direction and Susie grabbed her man as if to tell me to get my own sandwich so I left them on the platform and said my farewells.  I had the hardest time holding back my laughter all the way home!  Either way, I see why I haven't heard from him in a few weeks... and her name is Susie.  I'm happy that Emile found someone to woo other than me.  I'm sure Susie is a lovely girl however I hope she knows that Emile wasn't man enough for me.

Yesterday I felt down - more down than I've been in the last little while.  Today I have a renewed sense of hope... everything is going to be OK.  I'm gonna teach English and really enjoy making a difference in people's lives.  Best of all, money will come... hopefully in the form of tonight's Lotto 649.  What would I do with $49 million?  Oh, snap.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

life as footy

Sometimes I find myself comparing life to football.  Think about it...

The referee is higher power.  Refs make sure things go well and everyone plays fair.  Refs enforce the rules and hand out penalties when the other team tries to take advantage.  Every so often the referee makes a bad call.  What happens then?  We boo, we protest, we lose faith in the referee's ability to ascertain right from wrong.  Then the ref makes a call in our favour and we're off again with a renewed sense of faith.

Our team - the home team - is the underdog.  Playing in front of a home crowd of friends, fans and family sometimes proves to be a challenge.  There is a constant desire to do right by everyone by playing at a high level.  No matter what happens on the pitch, it seems like the people in the stands are always coming or going.  They leave to go watch a better team and never return.  They leave to go get a pint and a hot dog.  They are just there for the sake of being there.  Of course, you expect your loved ones to be in the best seats in the house but in my case, those seats are empty.  I just scored the goal of my life and only the loyal true fans were there to see it.  Guess my so-called loved ones'll just have to watch the highlight reels.

Wouldn't it be great if the home team never had to leave home?  Of course.  The fans wouldn't have to go anywhere.  It's convenient for them however the home team has to experience life on the road.  Next comes the true test: the true fans will rise to the forefront.  True fans follow the goings-on of their favourite team no matter where they go or what they do.  Away games are tough - unfamiliar faces, unusual surrounds and a general feeling of displacement.  The beds aren't as soft as home, the food tastes slightly different.  Road trips are sometimes good to expand the horizons and there comes a time where maybe it's time to think about a trade to another team.  Sure, the true fans will always be there yet it doesn't hurt to make new ones.

There are times where I wish I could give out cautions, bookings and fouls.  Many times I've sent people off with a red card because their behaviour was no longer acceptable to continue in the match.   People with cautions don't always like the fact that they've been cautioned because if they get one more yellow card, they'll earn an automatic suspension.  Even though the referee is there to enforce the rules, some players feel they are above them and persistently do what suits them best... after all, isn't everyone a someone?  Too bad for them the referee is always watching.

My life right now is in the off-season.  I've won at home and on the road.  I've been traded to another town where surprisingly enough, I feel more at home than I ever have in my career.  I've been slide-tackled, fouled and booked for what seemed to be no apparent reason.  After a interesting season, it's time to start over.  My team is rebuilding with a new focus.  Sometimes I can't afford to purchase what I need though I'm confident corporate sponsorships will prove to be fruitful.  All in all, next season is going be the best ever.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mass reproduction

I got a letter from welfare saying there was something wrong with my dole application.  I called Service Canada and it turns out that for the last two months, some halfwit didn't realize that the ROE I submitted was actually the correct one thus holding up my file.  I told the bloke on the phone that the company I work for has their head offices outside Quebec.  "Oh," he says.  Then he put me on hold.  Finally I got word that my claim will be finalized by Friday and someone is supposed to call me.  Very well then.  (crisse)

In order to work for Service Canada, you must either be a halfwit or a puppy maker.  Yeah, I said it.  Obviously there is no shortage of puppy making at Service Canada.  Really now - how long does it take to process these claims?  Maybe the 200 puppy makers they brought back weren't making enough puppies.  Better yet, they could have been told to increase their puppy production as the Liberals are threatening non-confidence over EI reform.  

I really, really could use that dough.  I'm down to eating 2 meals a day because I'm running out of food.  I've got bills to pay.  Plus it would be nice to treat myself to something, you know?  It's a toss up between a kettlebell and a bike.  Hell, I could get both!  Nevertheless, it would be comforting to know that this time is almost over and I can once and for all move on with the next chapter.

Friday, May 8, 2009

ho hum

It's Friday night and there's a lovely full moon in the sky.

Uh... it's gone.   What the hell?

Okay... so it's behind a cloud.

Yup, I'm bored.  It's gonna be a quiet weekend.  I'm so bored that even hanging out with Emile the Little Dude wouldn't be so bad because he's a good source of amusement.  

When I was a kid my parents would tell me to go read a book.  I would finish a novel and say, now what?  Of course they didn't like my backtalk but I did do what they told me.  Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

I could watch TV.  I could eat but then I'd blow up.  I have been eating more than normal lately (Athena is not knocked up) so I'm sure it's a parasite.  One would think that a parasite would feast on body fat instead of vital nutrients...  only in a perfect world.

Just because it's the weekend and I feel like it, here's my two cents on life as I see it around me:
  • Lily Allen was told to get a boob job if she wanted to make it in the US of A.  I am a fan of her music - full stop.  Obviously she had to have some semblance of talent else she wouldn't be so popular.  Looks like our neighbours to the south love them some teats.
  • I filled out my EI report today.  At the end of it there was a blurb about how I have to fill out my next report on time so as not to lose benefits.  What benefits?!  Do they live in another plane of existence?!  Perhaps I'm receiving EI in a past life.
  • Manure United need 7 points to clinch the Premier League title.  Go Man City!
  • Jim Balsillie wants to buy a hockey team and move it to Southern Ontario.  Poor Jimmy B... everyone's raining on his parade.  No one seems to want him to play in the sandbox!  Guess this means the toilet-like state of the economy is over since he's got hundreds of millions to piss away.  Jim, homes, listen to Athena.  Stick to CrackBerries and other kernels of the like.
  • Betcha didn't know I wanna see Star Trek.  Seriously!  Simon Pegg is a great comedic actor and Chris Pine is so fine.  Yes, I rhymed that on purpose.
  • Santa Barbara is on fire.  I sincerely hope this time around that 12 year old kid who admitted to setting the last fire isn't behind this one.
Now I shall bid you good night as I'm starting to feel sleepy.    

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am coruscating Planet Earth

I am on fire, kids.  Not the fires of hell like Aunt Marion thinks is going to be my final resting place.

Turns out Aunt Marion didn't send all of the money via Western Union.  Jesus wouldn't stiff me like that.  I'm shaking my head as I write this as she always purports to be a Christian.  When Jesus was allegedly feeding the masses with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish he didn't say, 'Yo, I'ma keep the 2 fish for myself and y'all can divvy up the rest'... of course not?  How is it that I, a heliolater, can see this immodest behaviour??  No wonder I don't have good relations with my family - I don't have the crackhead gene.  Next time I speak with Aunt Marion and she asks me one more blasted time if I've prayed, she's going to feel the wrath of Athena.  I'm a grown woman.  No one tells me what to do unless they exhibit higher power.

Now I've got this fire in me... deep down in my soul.  It started out as a hot spot that didn't know where to go.  Then slowly it connected with the air and it began to burn.  It's using the past as kindling.  As I move forward and I look deep inside myself, it's like I'm adding another log to the fire.  Being abandoned by my family - drop.  Past employers telling me I'm not good enough - drop.  Finding out who my real friends are - drop.   I've come to a point where the future looks bright and that's because the future is being lit by the fire. My fire... or should I say fi-yah?  Heh heh heh.

I sent off my deposit for my TESL course today.  It's going to give me a tool to see the world.  Talking to my friend Moira who went to Turkey last year to teach English made me see that I too can do the same thing.  Guess what?  I wanna go to Spain!  Que viva Espana!!

Lately I've been thinking about 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lamb chops & BBQ ribs

I just got off the phone with my Aunt Marion.  Remember that amazing story about the man who gave me a benjamin around my birthday?  I still haven't received it yet because she's worried about the cost of sending it.  For the record, I'm in Montreal, not Novosibirsk.

So then she says to me, why are you crying?  I started crying because I don't see any reason as to why she's holding onto that money.  I need that money.  Things need to get rolling but essentially she's holding up progress with frustrates me to no end.  Aunt Marion says I need to get a Bible and have a relationship with God.  Keep in mind her 'God' is not the one I worship.  I am a heliolater.  An agnostic.  I do not spout Jesus this & Jesus that every second I get.  Nor am I one to force it down people's throats.  She's totally forcing this 'relationship' business down my throat and it drives me nuts.  Finally I told her flat out that my so-called relationship and hers were two different things and she's just going to have to respect that.

Why do Jesus freaks act like this?  Aunt Marion actually said that I would end up in hell or have a bad life.  Seriously??  I've done pretty well so far up till now.  Sure, I drink sometimes and I have tried drugs but in all honestly I've had a tame life up to this point.  I'm not a bad person.  I don't know what I have to do or say to Aunt Marion to get this through her head.  I have read the Bible.  It's an X-rated book filled with tales of bloodshed, babydaddies and a guy who just won't shut up.  I really don't believe what the Bible says.  There are other texts in this world that people lay down their lives for and they think that what they believe is right, so good for them.  Who am I to say otherwise?  

Betcha ten pennies Aunt Marion is praying right now that I cross over to the dark side and I don't end up a perfectly roasted rack of lamb.  I appreciate her prayers.  If that's what gets her through the day then so be it.  

What she doesn't see is that my future looks bright.  I have opportunities that have never been presented to me before.  I actually feel good about what's in store for me which is a first in this lifetime.  I could even be in Europe this time next year.  Who did all that?  The powers that be, that's who.  Yeah, that's right.  Higher blasted power.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Athena says... wash your damn hands!

Listen up, folks!  The government should not be telling you to wash your blanking hands!!?!??!

This website gives step-by-step instructions on how to wash your damn hands.  

Seriously??? SERIOUSLY!!!  You learn this jazz in kindergarten!

Taxpayers' dollars have been spent on creating this information!!!

No wonder people are getting sick!  You know who you are!


the times

Great news, kids!  Athena has figured out the next chapter of her life!  Athena is going to teach English and she has Emile the Little Dude to thank. 

Emile wanted me to help him with his English and I really enjoyed our conversations.  He told me that there is a real demand for people wanting to learn English.  I found that pretty interesting as new immigrants must learn French as per the Quebec government.  So I Googled ESL and found all kinds of prospects.  I can teach here on the island or I could go abroad.  A few days later I had a chat with my Aunt Marion and she convinced me to check it out.  Off I went to a TESL information session and I was hooked.  I knew right then and there that this is what I want to do!

Do you know what it's like to finally feel like I have a purpose other than waiting for government cheese?  I feel elated.  The future is actually within reach except for one small detail: money.

Dough.  Pesos. Gravy.  Loot.  Benjamins.  Bones.  Quid.  Bobs.  Chrissakes.
I need $ to register for the TESL course.  I need $ to go to Quebec City for an interview to teach English in the fall.  I need $ to eat.  I need $ to pay bills.  I need $ to get around town.  Now I hear that the federal Liberals are pushing for EI reform; so much so that it might force an election.  I will vote for anyone who will speed up this archaic process because 3 blasted months is sheer lunacy!

The times will change because I've changed.  I look to the future with great anticipation yet I am vexed that there is nothing I can do to hurry up the process of receiving money. I have learned to let go - that part is in the hands of the Sun.

Friday, May 1, 2009

mayday, mayday, mayday

It's scary out there these days.  I continue to shake my head at the swine flu outbreak as it continues to spread.  I know there are people out there who do not wash their damn hands after they use the toilet so to those I say, 'it's all your fault'!  About 11 years ago I had the flu for about a week.  I got it from one of my roommates at the time who got it from somebody or other.  Icky.  There's no need to walk around with a mask on, people.  Any public health service will tell you the best way to prevent infection is to wash your damn hands.  

Now Chrysler has gone belly-up and my homey D-Mac is leading the charge to use 2.9 billion bones of tax dollars to buy this gas-guzzling car maker.  Why?  D-Mac wants to keep Chrysler plants operating in Ontario.  So peep this - Chrysler keeps pumping out these elephantine vehicles that suck gas like a fat kid on Smarties.  Since these beasts need copious amounts of gas, the oil companies are happy because these beasts'll suckle them like a sow & piglets, despite the market turning towards smaller & fuel-efficient vehicles. Oil companies are happy because they continue to reap profits.  Hence - this is all about the benjamins.  Cash is king.  All hail the King!

All of this is making me feel a little uneasy to be honest.  I just want my piece of the government pie, you know?  I've been waiting 3 months for the dole whilst living on less than $600 a month.   Funny how us little people have to wait for help while Chrysler the White Elephant gets all the attention.  

I have learned to let go and let the Divine take care of it all.  I'll be back.

Monday, April 27, 2009

something to think about

Some countries have now posted travel advisories against Canada because of the recent swine flu outbreak.  To date, about 150 cases have been found worldwide.

Over 30 million people on the planet have full-blown AIDS.  Six out of every hundred people are HIV-positive.  So what's the real pandemic?

Let's not live in perpetual fear, people.  After all, you could be hit by a bus. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sus domestica

Have you all heard about this swine flu epidemic?  Apparently it started in Mexico and is on its way to Canada.  I shake my head at this latest virus to freak out the masses.  West Nile virus made us all want to stay indoors all summer.  SARS made everyone wear surgical masks on the TTC.  Bird flu made us fear our feathered friends.  Mad cow disease was a crime against potential barbecues and now it's a pig. 

That's right kids, a blasted pig.  An animal that's great for ribs and bacon sarnies.  Does this mean that no one's gonna eat pork anymore (it is indeed the other white meat)?  I can't wait for the news to report that we shouldn't eat pork because of the potential for SIV.Add that to the global recession, a hotter planet and it equals out to good times!   

Stay calm, everyone.  It too, shall pass.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

greener grass

It was a lovely day in Montreal - clear skies, trees in bloom and smog covering the Stade Olympique.  I swear, Montreal even smells better than Toronto!  Once of my neighbours decided to throw some shrimp on the barby so there's this wonderful BBQ scent in the air.  I've got a lovely breeze coming in the window; a cold Boreale apricot beer would top this off nicely.  Since I'm on an inch-loss mission, I must stick to water.

About last night... I finally understand what it must have been like for all those fools I dated in the past to look me in the eye and say let's just be friends.  I had plans to hang out with Emile last night after his shift ended around 11:30.  I had it in mind to check out the new restaurant that replaced the $8.95 buffet at Sherbrooke & St-Denis but Emile wanted me to go to his place for a bit.  I said fine as long as there's no monkey business.  Talk about lost in translation.

Emile's apartment is a studio pequeno.  I'd say it's about 200-300 square feet at best.  There was only one light that came through the kitchen.  I could tell this was the flat of a man who just doesn't give a blank about his living arrangements.  I think my favourite part was the Rainbow Brite sheet that covered his futon.  That's right, you read correctly.  

The man with a plan made some food and shared it with me.  We watched a bit of an old Bond flick on TVA then he showed me some pictures of his travels.  While I was looking at these photos, a feeling of sheer ickyness washed over me.  I knew I was not attracted to this guy in any semblance of fashion.  Sigh.  Plus all the pics were of him standing in front of somewhere important.  I told Emile that when I travel, it's very rare you find me in the shot because I don't like taking pictures.  Let's move on.

We're sitting on the couch and Emile does the old stretched-arm-around-the-shoulder routine (very Degrassi, I might add) then BAM!  He moves in for the kill.  It took me a bit by surprise then I told him to stop.  He asked me what was wrong and somehow I told him in English & busted French  that I was just not that into him and I would like us to remain friends.  

His response?  Emile then asks to see my ass.  I said absolutely not.  Then he asked to see my knee surgery scars.  I said fine and he got an eyeful of cellulite.  He was kind enough to walk me home and I made sure he understood where I stand.  I think he got it... I think.   The one thing that really bothers me about Emile is his height.  I am a bona-fide heightist!  Ever since Matthew I cannot for the life of me date a guy who's my height.  I remember my fling with Kieran last time I went to England... he went to find himself on top of a mountain. And yes, he too was short.  

So this is what it's like to be on the other side.  I've always been on the receiving end of the F-bomb but finally I got a chance to experience it for myself.  I feel okay about it because at the end of the day, I refuse to settle.  Still, I believe Emile is in my life for a reason, even if it's just to be a friend.  All the same, my one is out there.  I'll find him one day.

p.s.  I lost 1.5" last week!  I own this!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's Earth Day!

I took out the recycling and walked to the grocery store with my reusable bag in hand.  I've got the energy-saver lightbulbs on right now so as not to run up my light bill.  I don't have a car and if I can't get somewhere on my own two feet, I take public transit.  Looks like my carbon footprint isn't really a footprint at all - it's more like a carbon fart.

Back in my high school days everyone was on the 'green' bandwagon.  Then for some reason it fizzled out and as of late, everybody's doing it.  Green is most certainly the new black.  Everyone seems to understand the problem however no one is willing to do anything about it for fear of losing another shade of green.  People, wake up!  If I were Mother Earth, I'd evict all 6 billion of us.  Ever seen the movie WALL-E?  We're going to end up as boneless slobs unless those in the higher tax brackets stop being so damn greedy.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

niveau de langue

In my travels I have met a nice bloke named Emile who fancies me like a chicken craving.  Emile is from France and doesn't speak much English so that means my inner francophone has to come out to play.  Emile is quite intriguing - he's intelligent, engaging and a real gentleman.  Too bad for him I'm just not into him however I do enjoy his company.  Dare I say the F-word?  Yes, he is a good (dum dum DUM) friend.

We went into town for a Tims run and we got to talking about my desire to find out what the next chapter holds for me.  I told him how I'd apply for jobs and get no response and I'd always wonder why - am I not qualified enough?  I know I'm not an idiot and I can do these jobs.  Emile says it's because people are intimidated by my CV.  For some reason the word "intimidate" has been synonymous with my persona for as long as I can remember... especially in my university days.  I was told how I 'intimidated' guys because I could dance and party it up without being wasted.  Now I'm being told I 'intimidate' potential employers because I went to post-secondary and I have some letters after my name. 

According to Emile, he says employers look for the insipid - people of average achievement who pose no threat to their station in life.  Employers don't want smart people who will change things up.  Employers want simple-minded lemmings who will do their bidding without question.  Too bad I'm not one of those people; in fact, I've never been like that.  I worked really hard in school and in all my past jobs because I was under the impression that by doing that one can move onwards and upwards.  Now I know better AND different.  

Emile also went on to say that English is becoming more prevalent.   Employers also want people to speak English more than French.  I found this odd because Bill 101 says otherwise.  English is indeed an international language and immigrants are more inclined to learn English than French.  Interesting, isn't it?  It made me consider teaching English as a career.  I like the renegade undertones of it all - doing something to upset the hoi polloi.  I could be contributing to the greater good and really make a difference in someone's life.  

BTW - Emile & I discovered that these Ben-Hur-Ten-Commandments sandals are back 'in' for summer.  I even saw a pair that went to the knees!  May I be the first (and certainly not the last) to say these sandals look hideous.  You might as well wear Birkensocks & sandals!  The gladiator look is fiercely repugnant!  They're busted!  I'll stick with my Sketchers, Cons & Pumas, thank you very much.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

virtual soapbox

I heard on the news this morning that the city is going to ban wood-burning stoves because they were allegedly the cause of winter smog.  Seriously?!  Wood causes smog now?  Since when is burning wood more toxic than, oh, car fumes?  What about the crap that factories spew out into the air?  Clearly that's OK but not wood.  What's next to be banned - campfires?  

Surely this is a ploy orchestrated by oil & energy companies.  They want us to burn chemicals to heat ourselves in the winter so they can earn record profits instead of the masses waking up to realize that wood is sustainable and more renewable.  I'm picturing the time when the Europeans first came here to settle... indigenous peoples had been burning wood for ages and then King James sent over a proclamation that wood burning had to cease because it was causing smog and the King didn't like smog over the New World.  Sounds silly?  Of course it does.  It's just as silly as banning wood-burning stoves.

Did you know Ontario banned clotheslines about 20 years ago?  A bunch of constipated home builders decided that they didn't like the look of them in backyards so they got together and lobbied the provincial government to ban them so they can sell more houses.  I remember when my father was taking down the clothesline in our backyard and I asked why - it wasn't winter yet...?  He said we weren't allowed to have them anymore.  I said, "that's stupid," - standard speech for a kid of my age.  In my child mind I didn't see the point of banning clotheslines.  What harm were they doing other than the potential for embarrassment if you've got tattered undergarments hung out for the world to see?

The clothesline ban was lifted a year ago when environmentalists told the government that it would be the 'green' thing to do.  Well, duh.  Now they're en vogue again.  My mother is rockin' her clothesline and she loves it!

By the way, this is why I'll never wook pa nub on craigslist again:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

thirty-two years on

I sit here waiting for my pizza to arrive.  My buzzer doesn't work very well so I have to silence everything in my house to make sure I don't miss it.  That's why Survivor is on pause... just after Coach told this outlandish story about being captured in the Amazon.  Shrug.

Today, incidentally, is my birthday.  Thirty-two years ago my parents gave birth to a baby girl named Athena.  I'd love to say that the world was forever changed but that would be too egregious of me, wouldn't you say?  I have indulged on this birthday.  I spent a fortune at Simons the other day.  Plus I've eaten a ton today which will be capped off by pizza, fried chicken & chips (as soon as it arrives, which I hope is soon because I'm getting hungry).  It's okay for today because it's my birthday and this is the one day out of the year where I can indulge (read: get fat).

This day felt more grown-up than any other b-day I've had.  It's my first b-day in Montreal for starters.  It was a beautiful day - sunny, no clouds, increased UV index... I couldn't ask for a better day.  In some ways I feel more mature and in other ways I don't.  I went to pick out paint samples this afternoon and now they're all over my apartment.  In years past I'd be wasted by now.  I know that my tastes are evolving just as I'm evolving into adult Athena.  I guess it's not a bad thing now that I think about it.  

Life isn't meant to be the same all the time.  We all get comfortable in a routine and when that changes for whatever reason, we panic and long for that comfortable feeling we had.  One thing I strongly believe in this that everything happens for a reason.  My own life is changing and since I've never had a situation that brought me comfort so now I welcome change.  I know that I'm being led in a direction I've never been in before... daunting as that sounds, I'm fine with it. 

Praise the Sun, my pizza is here.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

thick madame

Christiane & I spent most of the day liming about Ikea.  On our travels we came across some bathroom scales.  Thinking I weigh an okay amount I get on the scale.  I almost fainted when I saw 13 st 13 lbs.  O Holy Sun of the Heavens & Skies.

Being that today is April 13 and I weigh an startling 0.09 metric tons, I'm going to lose some inches.  Not pounds, mind you - I stand to gain a lot of muscle in the next few months so weight won't mean much to me.  I want my clothes back, dammit!!  

The best part of all is that I have all the time in the world to do this.  Being a statistic means that Steve-H is going to help me fund this endeavour.  D-Mac didn't give me enough dosh and now look at him... karma, I tell you!  

I took my measurements a few minutes ago which will give me an idea of where I want to end up (this has yet to be determined).   Tomorrow I'll figure out a workout schedule à la Biggest Loser - plus I'll start watching that show for inspiration.  

Perhaps I could train for something... a friend of mine lost over 40 lbs training for triathlons.  I could learn to swim since there's an Olympic pool down the street.  I'll start with yoga first - I need to de-stress in a bad way because stress is how I put on all this blasted weight.

Between my existential crisis, my love misadventures and my own personal inch-loss challenge, my life is getting to be fun!  How could you not want to stick around?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the greatest story ever told

I got a miracle today, no word of a lie.  

Aunt Marion called to wish me Happy Easter.  I also wished her a Happy Easter, even though I don't believe in it since this holiday was originally designed to worship sun gods of yesteryear and it's also a great time to eat heaps of chocolate... where was I?  Yes - my Aunt Marion.  She told me to sit down because she had a story to tell me that would blow my mind.

One thing about my aunt is that she's really religious.  That's okay with me - everyone is entitled to their beliefs, right?  So she's at 8am mass and she's sitting next to this elderly gentleman whilst giving her devotional (I think this also means testify... I don't really know for sure but testifying sounds like a lot of fun).  She talked about how she wanted to reach out to her Titanides family and the only one that would respond was me and for that, she was thankful.  Aunt Marion went on to say how I lost my job and I wasn't doing too well so she sent me a Benjamin to help out.  This man must've felt moved by Aunt Marion's devotional... so much so that he asked Aunt Marion to hold out her hand.  This man - who is barely known to my Aunt and a random stranger to me - put a $100 bill in Aunt Marion's hand and told her to send it to me in Canada.

You read correctly - one hundred dollars.   That works out to $122.74 according to the Bank of Canada as of last Thursday.  Aunt Marion is going to send it to me so I might get it by the end of this week.  

I had tears in my eyes as I listened to my aunt's story.  Here was this perfect stranger - someone who I likely will never meet in my lifetime - willing to help me out while my supposed family turned their backs on me, even to this day.  There is a man somewhere in Queens with a smile on his face because on this day, he made a difference.  He gave because he thought it was the right thing to do.  Aunt Marion told me to thank (Sun) God for it.  I'm here to say thanks - to what I call higher power.  It's out there, kids.  It's looking out for me.  

As a Easter treat, peep this:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

flash in the pan

How fleeting is this thing called love.

I've decided that this bloke I met on craigslist is for later.  He seemed way too keen on my physical highlights than anything else.  What did it for me was the fact that while chatting on MSN, I casually mentioned that I am a Corrie fan and I never heard from him again.  Doosh.

Was it my overwhelming aura of femininity?  My adoration of all things Liverpool Football Club?  Perchance he wanted a shagging partner.  Better still he just wasn't that into me.  Either way, I do believe that if a guy wants you, he'll come after you.  This chap just didn't seem up for the chase.   

As I chuckle to myself, I do feel a sense of relief.  I found myself checking my email and MSN several times a day just to see (read: confirm to myself) if he sent a smoke signal of sorts.  I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore because it drives me nuts.  Nevertheless, I still believe that whoever is meant for me is out there somewhere.   

The moral of the story is that craigslist is great if you're looking for apartments, odds & sods and couches for sale.  Love (at least for me) is not meant to be found on craigslist.

Friday, April 10, 2009

breaking news!

Okay kids, you ain't gonna believe this!  Right now I am chatting to a real live boy I met on craigslist.  Yes, that's right.  I, Athena Titanides, who has lost her mojo and most likely her mind, is attempting to put herself out there.

Yesterday I was on craigslist trolling for jobs when a sudden wave of curiosity hits me.  I click on "men seeking women" just to see what I can see.  There are really some disgusting people out there.  One guy posted something along the lines of how he wants younger women so he can teach them about life... what the ____?  There was also a lot of people asking for booty calls.  That puts me in the mind of harlotry.  With all the cooties out there it just seems kinda sick to put an ad on the web like you're advertising your services like those annoying carpet cleaning companies that call you during dinner.  Come on, people - have a bit more respect for yourself than that!

Let's move on.  I come across this ad that was quite personable and it made me laugh.  Then I got a feeling - not like a boner feeling but a sneaky feeling.  I remembered that I have an alter ego email address so I sent this gentleman a message.  I thought he wouldn't reply back (my defeatist self-fulfilling prophecy) but he actually did! He seems really nice and not too long ago he sent me a pic.  He's really cute!  Nice eyes and all.  Only one problem - he doesn't know my real name yet.  Yeah - I sorta told him my fake name.  Oops.

Now he's asking for pics.  I sent him a few of me.  He wants to see my body.  I can't think.

Pics are sent - he likes what he sees.  Phew!  Best part is that he's tall.  Praise the Sun!   

What does it mean when a guy says "let's hang out?"  Does that mean a date?  The last date I went on was an hour of my life I'll never get back.  There's been no one in my life since Ian the Overall Disaster and that was years back.  I always thought I didn't have anything to offer anyone because I have no job and I don't know what I want to do with my life and I have to rely on Steve-H to pay my bills... I need a drink.

Now I'm armed with a glass of red wine.  This is why I love this province - you can buy a decent bottle of vino.  He's gone now - says he's going to the movies.  I can relax now.

You should know that I have been writing this the whole time I was chatting with this bloke.  Everything that I've written here is just like an episode of 24 - in real time... even when I went to get a glass of wine. 

Good gravy, I could very well be going on a date in the near future.  Thank God I got my hair did.  For the first time (I think) in my entire life, this chap seems like a guy I could actually date... for real.  Sure, he alluded to wanting to bone me right away but he'll learn soon enough that I don't do that kind of thing... at least not anymore.  

What happens next?  I'm going to finish my glass of wine and take a bunch of deep breaths.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

opinions of elephantine proportions

What a week!  I got money from my buddy Steve-H snce he announced that he was going to give everyone an extra 5 weeks of dole.  I'm sure for most of us on the pogey that's all going to bills but oh well.  So far I've paid for the lights, the Internet, my PVR and my phone... tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping.  I know this may sound routine to those who are more moneyed than I but if you were in my shoes, knowing that this stuff is OK is a great feeling.  

On the last episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, they had to make a viral video for All.  I remember that stuff... it came in this huge box that my mother used to keep by the washing machine and I swear, it cost $3.  All executives and Perez Hilton were chosen to judge the videos and give their opinion.  To make a long story short, both teams blew the big one however what struck me was Perez Hilton.  Granted, he is my inspiration for this blog yet how did he become an expert on all things viral?  Just as I am sitting here writing this, he does the same thing except I don't comment on celebrity goings-on.  My years working for TIFF has taught me that stars are mere mortals like us - except they're much shorter.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a blog as "An Internet website containing an eclectic and frequently updated assortment of items of interest to its author." This is what blogs are about.  I guess I'm now a 'blogger' per se... yet I have no clue if people are actually reading this (other than Christiane & her conjoint).  I have no interest on keeping the planet updated on who's shagging who and who forgot their gitch this morning.  That stuff is for others who really wanna know.  My blog is my opinion on life.  Sure, the x-Lists have lives - yet the masses fail to realize that once you strip away the photogs, the PAs and the requests for wheatgrass juice, they're just like us.  They pay taxes like us.  They fart like us and I'll betcha a penny it really stinks since most of them don't really eat.  

Maybe I should turn this blog into a tell-all about Athena Titanides.  Wouldn't that be funny!    
Athena Titanides was spotted in Montreal today after getting her hair did.  She looks like she's on fi-yah!  Work it, girl!
Our favourite Greek goddess, Athena Titanides, is sportin' some fierce digs these days.  Sources close to Athena say she's got her hands on some guv'ment cheddar!  Paparazzi are already staking out the Provigo store near Athena's fab flat in Montreal.  

Law & Order is on right now.  La-ters!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Athena's Favourite Things

For the sole purpose of having a laugh, here's a listing of Athena's Favourite Things:

Favourite colour - Blue with greens & earth tones tied for second.  These are the colours I want to use to decorate my apartment.  Christiane gave me the most ingenious idea - I could paint my own artwork!!  How cool is that?!  What better way to express myself than through art.  Just as an aside, I don't believe art can be taught.  Art is something that comes from the soul and no one has any right to judge self-expression.  Don't hate - appreciate!  I divagate.

Favourite tunes - Anything with a good beat.  Music has to sound good so I don't really have a particular favourite however I do like English pop.  My iPod has everything from Led Zeppelin to Backstreet Boys to Shania Twain.  

Favourite sport - To watch is definitely football (soccer to us North Americans).  I also enjoy playoff games... 2 minutes left and the losing team is down by 1 so it's all or nothing.  This is the only way I can stomach hockey & baseball.  The Summer Olympics is also great - when else would you watch 4 hours of cycling & sailing coverage?!  Only every 4 years!  

Favourite TV Show - Tie between Coronation Street and Y&R.  As a singleton housewife, it is imperative that I keep up with my stories.  Lately I've been letting Y&R pile up on my PVR since the V-Day marathon so one of these days soon I'll have to further dent my couch & catch up.  Supposedly they brought back Mackenzie!!  I also enjoy the Amazing Race (go Margie & Luke), Kings (best new show in YEARS), Grey's and Ugly Betty.  Thank the Sun for my PVR.

Favourite Shopping Destination - Simons.  This is THE best clothing store on this green earth.  They've got fierce (I just used 'fierce' in a sentence) styles, good cuts for those of us who eat more than lettuce once a week and crazy low prices.  Oxford Street in London, UK is also wicked despite the large amounts of quid I dropped last time I went... ah well.  You're welcome, Lizzie!  Target is also worth a mention.  Too bad I need a passport to drive to the one location that's only an hour away.  A passport, you ask?  For my fans (heh heh) outside North America, a valid Canadian passport is now mandatory for entry into America by land, sea or air.  Don't ask.  What would they do if I beamed myself there?  Can't catch me - I'm Athena Titanides!

Favourite Drink - Coke Zero.  REAL apple juice.  REAL orange juice.  Lemon Heaven Lemonade.  Grocery store red wine (vin de table in these parts).  Boris Cool.  Volvic.  There's too many to pick just one!

Favourite Food - Indian, KFC, fries from McDo, Whoppers, Christiane's pasta sauce, lamb sausages, strawberries in season and chocolate.  All of these foods satisfy my cravings when the moon is just right in the sky.  Tonight I had KFC, a Coke Zero and a McCain Delite chocolate cake.  I could've had a smoke after that meal.  No wonder I have no libido.

Stay tuned for more updates on How Athena Got Her Hots Back.  

Monday, March 30, 2009

inclement weather

Ah, the rain continues in Montreal.   Last night I saw the most incredible thing - this truck-like vehicle cleaning the sidewalks.  I must've stared at this machine in amazement for about 5 minutes.  Just like the snow removal machines I saw in the winter, this thing was cleaning up the piles of gravel from the winter.  Wow.  I'm really not in Toronto anymore.

I've been following the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers as of late.  I find The Beautiful Game is much more exciting than any North American professional sport.  Soccer is a sport that anyone around the world can play regardless of class, status, race, etc etc.  Here's an interesting fact: 204 countries are competing for 31 spots (South Africa automatically qualifies as the host nation).  That's the same number of countries as the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The World Cup is just as significant to the world stage as the Olympics.  Sadly this is the men's World Cup that takes centre stage - the women's World Cup takes place the year after the men without the pomp and circumstance.  Either way, I find myself intrigued by this sport.   I'd love to learn how to play however I am in dire need of flexibility and the ability to run for more than 200m without dry-heaving.

So I heard on the news that HRSDC has been overwhelmed by the number of people applying for the dole to the point that their website crashed.  If this isn't a sign of the times then I don't know what is.  EI also had to hire hundreds of people to help process all these extra applications.  Here's a novel idea - why not hire those of us in this situation to process these claims?  What really has to be done to process a claim?!  Perhaps we'll never find out.  My claim is somewhere in this haystack and I am to have an answer by Thursday at the latest.  When I do get approved, I'm having a pogey party!

In the meantime, my existential crisis continues.  I watched a movie called 'Zeitgeist' which really made me think about how this world works.  It appears to be a little trippy at first then it gets into the meat & potatoes of the world around us.  Funny how I always thought there was something off about humankind and lo & behold, there are people who share my opinion.  Yet this school of thought may explain my lack of desire to work for 'the man' - my sweat, blood, tears and good clothes go to line some fatcats' pockets while I bring home enough pesos to eke out some semblance of survival.  Good gravy.  Forgive my absence of inclination to go this route - not withstanding the halfwits that are in the workplace.  

I still think the COC should train us statistics for the 2012 Olympics.  Laugh not - this could actually work!