Monday, June 8, 2009

begin again

As if I'm sitting here with a busted ankle. It's bright purple and about the size of a tennis ball. This is what I get for putting myself out there on the dating scene.

I went out with Insensitive Marek on Saturday night and well, it wasn't the greatest of dates. He seemed a little frigid; even crossing his arms at one point. We're kicking around a soccer ball and POP! I roll over on my right ankle. Best part of all is that Marek just stands there watching me cry in pain and does nothing. To make a long story short, I will not be seeing this fool again. When times are hard, people's true colours come out. Since this coolio didn't do much to help me out, what would he be like in a relationship when times are bad? Would he just stand there and do nothing? I don't even want to know. Let him continue to find himself by himself and leave me be to tend to my purple ankle.

Enough about that - just the thought of it is making me snicker.

I reapplied for EI today as the unemployment rate in Montreal went up to 9.5%. That's kinda bad if you think about it - that's 95000 people looking for work, not counting the underemployed and others who don't count in StatsCan surveys for whatever reason. I'm hoping that this time around there's no foolishness when it comes to my claim. I was told by a puppy maker at Service Canada that if I reapplied I'd get a response within the 28-day timeframe. Here goes!

Now is the time to begin again. I'm applying for jobs but all the while I keep thinking about taking the ESL course and teaching come this fall. For once I know where I want to go and feel good about it. I can take a course in August yet I need to get to August, you know? There's bills to pay and my mouth to feed. I can't help but look to the future as the present isn't so bright, especially now that I've got a busted purple ankle.

Perhaps my ankle is a sign for me to slow down and take stock of what's been going on as of late. I could be putting myself out there too soon as my ducks aren't really in a row (will they ever be? Does that actually happen?). I can't really rely on EI as income because it's a crap shoot. Finding a job is also proving to be difficult since I know deep down I'll quit once I start teaching. So what's most important? Right now it's my ankle. It looks horrific. Come what may next.