Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So GM went under yesterday.  No surprise there really, to be honest.  Here's a company who prided themselves on making these behemoth cars that suck gas like nobody's business.  For a time this worked for them and they made a lot of money.   Then one day somebody realized, yo - maybe these cars aren't so good for the planet.  Just like the tobacco companies, GM said no worries - our cars are just fine.  A few days after that, someone else bought a smaller car that didn't need to suck as much gas.  This trend caught on so much that green became the new black.  How did GM respond, you ask?  They put thousands of people out of jobs in the name of profits and continued selling behemoth gas-sucking cars.  Then the US government gave them billions to help them out but after all that, they still threw in the towel.  Cha.

I shake my head at these fools but nothing burns my cookies more than hearing that I, Athena Titanides, is now a part owner of GM Canada.  Stevie & D-Mac decided that it would be a great idea to take $10 billion and 'save' GM Canada.  Seriously?!  What kind of idiot move is that in this economic climate?  It's like if I took the precious little I have and bought a 65" plasma TV.  What in the hell for???  I'm glad I don't live in Ontario anymore.  If I were those folks I'd be livid.  Props to D-Mac for trying to save the manufacturing sector however if they were smart about it, they could put that money to much better use.  GM has no plans to make cars that are in demand right now.  So why invest in something that clearly has not worked in the past?   Duh.