Saturday, June 20, 2009

ostie crisse je m'en calice

I had my fourth date in two weeks with Charles. Two words can describe this man:
  1. All
  2. Bran
My sneaky feelings were right on point. When I first saw Charles' picture, I thought he looked like he could use a good stool softener. Two weeks of emailing and 150 minutes (I'll never get them back) later, I was right. Charles is a francophone in denial. He hates being French-Canadian. He lacks the ability to hold up his end of a conversation. He doesn't like to let loose and just have fun. Funny how he's thinking of moving to Toronto - he will fit in just fine with the rest of those status-chasing whack-jobs. To top it all off, his chest is practically an afro! I was tempted to say to him, guy, you need a pick & some Afro Sheen on that jazz. How did this guy have a girlfriend? Good gravy.

So here I am listening to 'Born Slippy' wondering what next. Do I take myself out of the sea for the time being? I'm beginning to think there's nothing out there for me. I even stooped so low as to call Jean-Marc, my new "friend". I saw He's Just Not That Into You. I read He's Just Not That Into You - three times. Why on earth am I calling him? Okay, I just deleted his number from my phone. Ironic how out of all the guys I've dated so far, I liked Jean-Marc the best but his heart is elsewhere. Only in Athena's World would such foolishness happen.

Right now it's as if all avenues have been exhausted and I'm left with nothing. Did you know that I applied to St-Hubert yesterday for a job? That's how desperate my situation is right now. Luciana says I'm too hard on myself and I should chill a bit. I know she's right yet it doesn't stop me from wanting the best for myself. I flatly refuse to settle for anything less that the best - end of. I know what I want to do with my life. I know what kind of guy I'm looking for. I know Montreal is my home. So what's the problem? Why am I having such an issue going from A to B? Only the Sun knows that.

Before I forget, here's my top 5 hottest men on the planet:
Gabriel Gervais - he is a work of art that stopped me from breathing.
Rob James-Collier - so what if he's dating a WAG. He's single in my dreams!
Fernando Torres - I love his freckles... they're so cute!
Adam van Koeverden - Christiane thinks he doesn't like girls. I know he'd like me.
Henry Cavill - yes, my Lord, I shall visit thee in thy chamber this night.