Thursday, June 4, 2009

pimpin' really ain't easy

Ah, we have come to the end of another sunny day in Athena's World.  I bought some groceries and picked up Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man from the library.  Guess who I should see entertaining a lady friend is none other than Emile!  Man, this cat gets around!

Emile seemed genuinely happy to see me but I couldn't say much for his companion.  I wonder if that's his girlfriend and not the 15-year-old-looking girl I last saw him with.  I'm sure Emile thinks I am one of many and he's the hombre, you know?  Sorry homes, you weren't man enough for me.  I would still like to be friends with him nonetheless - I actually mean that!

I just spent the last hour or so on Plenty Of Fish.  This site is quite intriguing to be honest.  It's a great way to people watch, even thought it's only by searching profile after profile after profile.  So far the one thing that's stuck out the most is the difference between guys from here and guys from Toronto.  Guys in Toronto are really hot and they know it.  Their profiles are so egotistical and unsincere.  Here, guys are more down to earth.  Sure, they work but that doesn't define them.   I'm sure I'll catch a fish one day soon!

I did manage to send out a few messages and I'm hoping I'll get some responses in the next few days.  In all honesty, I've not a clue how this is supposed to work.  Am I not supposed to sit back and let the fish come to me?  Why am I attracting the 50+ crowd?  Why do guys insist on uploading pics of their exploding chests?  Clearly if that's all you think you have to offer I'm going to keep looking.  What happens after I message them?  Is there a protocol that's supposed to go down? Beats the flaming hellfires out of me.

Today has also found me exhausted after a pre-9am phone screen.  I could barely speak and I wonder if I get the chance for an interview.  Somehow I doubt it but we'll see what happens.