Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday night

I've got a beer for Saturday night.  Been awhile since I last had one so I figure, hey, why not?  At least I can just go out and get one... not like Ontario.  Just heard that LCBO has set a strike date of June 24th.  Y'all better stock up!  One more reason why I love living in Montreal.

So why do I have this Bridget Jones feeling?  I just spoke with Emile and he has informed me that he has a new girlfriend.  I know I just wasn't that into him but how is it possible that this little weird guy can find someone to date and I sit here with my beer on a Saturday night?  If anyone has the answer to that question, I'd really like to know.  Then I have to wonder, am I even date material with no job and having to rely on welfare to pay for my lone beer?  I can see it now... "Hi, I'm Athena.  I live alone and I am not gainfully employed.  I can't afford to date unless we do something that costs nothing.  I used to think that I found my life's purpose but now I'm not so sure.  I might be a bit of a hot mess however I still look good." Perhaps not.

I get my welfare cheque on Monday.  Happy days!  I can buy a bus pass and groceries.  I may even pop down to Simons to get myself a cheer-up gift.  I can pay half the rent (half is better than none).  What happens next?  Chrissakes, I wish I knew.  I can't help but wonder if life is a constant conundrum... like every day is a season finale and you have to wait for weeks on end to find out what happened to your favourite character.  All my attempts to rewrite the plot have failed.

Guess all I can do on this Saturday night is just to continue searching for that elusive a-ha moment... when everything comes together -life calling, someone to talk and share with... I'm sure there's clues all around and I have yet to put them together.  From here on out Athena is on the case.