Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mass reproduction

I got a letter from welfare saying there was something wrong with my dole application.  I called Service Canada and it turns out that for the last two months, some halfwit didn't realize that the ROE I submitted was actually the correct one thus holding up my file.  I told the bloke on the phone that the company I work for has their head offices outside Quebec.  "Oh," he says.  Then he put me on hold.  Finally I got word that my claim will be finalized by Friday and someone is supposed to call me.  Very well then.  (crisse)

In order to work for Service Canada, you must either be a halfwit or a puppy maker.  Yeah, I said it.  Obviously there is no shortage of puppy making at Service Canada.  Really now - how long does it take to process these claims?  Maybe the 200 puppy makers they brought back weren't making enough puppies.  Better yet, they could have been told to increase their puppy production as the Liberals are threatening non-confidence over EI reform.  

I really, really could use that dough.  I'm down to eating 2 meals a day because I'm running out of food.  I've got bills to pay.  Plus it would be nice to treat myself to something, you know?  It's a toss up between a kettlebell and a bike.  Hell, I could get both!  Nevertheless, it would be comforting to know that this time is almost over and I can once and for all move on with the next chapter.