Monday, May 4, 2009

the times

Great news, kids!  Athena has figured out the next chapter of her life!  Athena is going to teach English and she has Emile the Little Dude to thank. 

Emile wanted me to help him with his English and I really enjoyed our conversations.  He told me that there is a real demand for people wanting to learn English.  I found that pretty interesting as new immigrants must learn French as per the Quebec government.  So I Googled ESL and found all kinds of prospects.  I can teach here on the island or I could go abroad.  A few days later I had a chat with my Aunt Marion and she convinced me to check it out.  Off I went to a TESL information session and I was hooked.  I knew right then and there that this is what I want to do!

Do you know what it's like to finally feel like I have a purpose other than waiting for government cheese?  I feel elated.  The future is actually within reach except for one small detail: money.

Dough.  Pesos. Gravy.  Loot.  Benjamins.  Bones.  Quid.  Bobs.  Chrissakes.
I need $ to register for the TESL course.  I need $ to go to Quebec City for an interview to teach English in the fall.  I need $ to eat.  I need $ to pay bills.  I need $ to get around town.  Now I hear that the federal Liberals are pushing for EI reform; so much so that it might force an election.  I will vote for anyone who will speed up this archaic process because 3 blasted months is sheer lunacy!

The times will change because I've changed.  I look to the future with great anticipation yet I am vexed that there is nothing I can do to hurry up the process of receiving money. I have learned to let go - that part is in the hands of the Sun.