Wednesday, May 20, 2009

plastic, plastic, everywhere

If I don't comment on this latest bit of absurdity I think I might burst.

Apparently the Canadian Plastics Industry Association has conducted a study on reusable bags concluding that these bags carry a lot of bacteria and could cause severe illness.  "...single use bags... are the most safest and sanitary options."

Not only is this a load of hooey, it's a desperate attempt to convince consumers to stick to using plastic bags regardless of the harm it does to our planet.  The Canadian Plastics Industry Association wants you to stop using reusable bags so they can get their profits back on track.  Plus they're using bacteria as a means to scare us back into using plastic bags, even though a lot of stores are starting to charge five cents per bag in order to reduce consumption.   

Listen up kids - Athena is about to get back up on her soapbox.  Heed not the words of this preposterous study.  The best way to fight bacteria on your reusable bags is to (survey says) wash them.  Just like your damn hands.  Any healthcare expert will tell you that the best way to fight bacteria of any sort is to WASH with soap and water.  End of.