Friday, May 1, 2009

mayday, mayday, mayday

It's scary out there these days.  I continue to shake my head at the swine flu outbreak as it continues to spread.  I know there are people out there who do not wash their damn hands after they use the toilet so to those I say, 'it's all your fault'!  About 11 years ago I had the flu for about a week.  I got it from one of my roommates at the time who got it from somebody or other.  Icky.  There's no need to walk around with a mask on, people.  Any public health service will tell you the best way to prevent infection is to wash your damn hands.  

Now Chrysler has gone belly-up and my homey D-Mac is leading the charge to use 2.9 billion bones of tax dollars to buy this gas-guzzling car maker.  Why?  D-Mac wants to keep Chrysler plants operating in Ontario.  So peep this - Chrysler keeps pumping out these elephantine vehicles that suck gas like a fat kid on Smarties.  Since these beasts need copious amounts of gas, the oil companies are happy because these beasts'll suckle them like a sow & piglets, despite the market turning towards smaller & fuel-efficient vehicles. Oil companies are happy because they continue to reap profits.  Hence - this is all about the benjamins.  Cash is king.  All hail the King!

All of this is making me feel a little uneasy to be honest.  I just want my piece of the government pie, you know?  I've been waiting 3 months for the dole whilst living on less than $600 a month.   Funny how us little people have to wait for help while Chrysler the White Elephant gets all the attention.  

I have learned to let go and let the Divine take care of it all.  I'll be back.