Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lamb chops & BBQ ribs

I just got off the phone with my Aunt Marion.  Remember that amazing story about the man who gave me a benjamin around my birthday?  I still haven't received it yet because she's worried about the cost of sending it.  For the record, I'm in Montreal, not Novosibirsk.

So then she says to me, why are you crying?  I started crying because I don't see any reason as to why she's holding onto that money.  I need that money.  Things need to get rolling but essentially she's holding up progress with frustrates me to no end.  Aunt Marion says I need to get a Bible and have a relationship with God.  Keep in mind her 'God' is not the one I worship.  I am a heliolater.  An agnostic.  I do not spout Jesus this & Jesus that every second I get.  Nor am I one to force it down people's throats.  She's totally forcing this 'relationship' business down my throat and it drives me nuts.  Finally I told her flat out that my so-called relationship and hers were two different things and she's just going to have to respect that.

Why do Jesus freaks act like this?  Aunt Marion actually said that I would end up in hell or have a bad life.  Seriously??  I've done pretty well so far up till now.  Sure, I drink sometimes and I have tried drugs but in all honestly I've had a tame life up to this point.  I'm not a bad person.  I don't know what I have to do or say to Aunt Marion to get this through her head.  I have read the Bible.  It's an X-rated book filled with tales of bloodshed, babydaddies and a guy who just won't shut up.  I really don't believe what the Bible says.  There are other texts in this world that people lay down their lives for and they think that what they believe is right, so good for them.  Who am I to say otherwise?  

Betcha ten pennies Aunt Marion is praying right now that I cross over to the dark side and I don't end up a perfectly roasted rack of lamb.  I appreciate her prayers.  If that's what gets her through the day then so be it.  

What she doesn't see is that my future looks bright.  I have opportunities that have never been presented to me before.  I actually feel good about what's in store for me which is a first in this lifetime.  I could even be in Europe this time next year.  Who did all that?  The powers that be, that's who.  Yeah, that's right.  Higher blasted power.