Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Funny how things turn out, eh?  I reconnected with my friend Marcel and he's planning to come visit in July... really.  He even sent me some cash!  May the Sun shine down on him.

So I'm downtown running a few errands and just as Providence would have it, I run into Emile and what appears to be his new lady friend.  No word of a lie, I damn near burst out laughing as when I saw him I thought to myself, Self, I think I miss this little bugger's company.  He seemed happy to see me and he introduced me to his lady friend (her name escapes me already so let's call her Susie).  Susie was about three apples high which made me snicker, possibly out loud.  

I'd been wanting to say thank you to Emile for inspiring me to teach English and now I have.  He was happy for me and told me he had friends who would be very interested in taking lessons from me once my certification was finalized.  I was just about to take the metro so I asked them if they were going in the same direction and Susie grabbed her man as if to tell me to get my own sandwich so I left them on the platform and said my farewells.  I had the hardest time holding back my laughter all the way home!  Either way, I see why I haven't heard from him in a few weeks... and her name is Susie.  I'm happy that Emile found someone to woo other than me.  I'm sure Susie is a lovely girl however I hope she knows that Emile wasn't man enough for me.

Yesterday I felt down - more down than I've been in the last little while.  Today I have a renewed sense of hope... everything is going to be OK.  I'm gonna teach English and really enjoy making a difference in people's lives.  Best of all, money will come... hopefully in the form of tonight's Lotto 649.  What would I do with $49 million?  Oh, snap.