Monday, March 30, 2009

inclement weather

Ah, the rain continues in Montreal.   Last night I saw the most incredible thing - this truck-like vehicle cleaning the sidewalks.  I must've stared at this machine in amazement for about 5 minutes.  Just like the snow removal machines I saw in the winter, this thing was cleaning up the piles of gravel from the winter.  Wow.  I'm really not in Toronto anymore.

I've been following the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers as of late.  I find The Beautiful Game is much more exciting than any North American professional sport.  Soccer is a sport that anyone around the world can play regardless of class, status, race, etc etc.  Here's an interesting fact: 204 countries are competing for 31 spots (South Africa automatically qualifies as the host nation).  That's the same number of countries as the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The World Cup is just as significant to the world stage as the Olympics.  Sadly this is the men's World Cup that takes centre stage - the women's World Cup takes place the year after the men without the pomp and circumstance.  Either way, I find myself intrigued by this sport.   I'd love to learn how to play however I am in dire need of flexibility and the ability to run for more than 200m without dry-heaving.

So I heard on the news that HRSDC has been overwhelmed by the number of people applying for the dole to the point that their website crashed.  If this isn't a sign of the times then I don't know what is.  EI also had to hire hundreds of people to help process all these extra applications.  Here's a novel idea - why not hire those of us in this situation to process these claims?  What really has to be done to process a claim?!  Perhaps we'll never find out.  My claim is somewhere in this haystack and I am to have an answer by Thursday at the latest.  When I do get approved, I'm having a pogey party!

In the meantime, my existential crisis continues.  I watched a movie called 'Zeitgeist' which really made me think about how this world works.  It appears to be a little trippy at first then it gets into the meat & potatoes of the world around us.  Funny how I always thought there was something off about humankind and lo & behold, there are people who share my opinion.  Yet this school of thought may explain my lack of desire to work for 'the man' - my sweat, blood, tears and good clothes go to line some fatcats' pockets while I bring home enough pesos to eke out some semblance of survival.  Good gravy.  Forgive my absence of inclination to go this route - not withstanding the halfwits that are in the workplace.  

I still think the COC should train us statistics for the 2012 Olympics.  Laugh not - this could actually work!