Thursday, March 12, 2009

don't hit people

I is back with another two cents' worth.  The way things are going, I need to just keep my pennies and dish out my thoughts for free!  

Everyone's talking about Chris Brown & Rihanna and the 'alleged' assault and more importantly, after this 'alleged' event she took him back.   First of all, people need to stop saying alleged.  They've already made up their minds that he did it and he's a douche for doing that.

Let me be Swarovski clear: no one should hit another person for any reason. End of.  Men should not hit women nor women should hit men.  Ever read that book that some guy wrote about everything he needed to know about life he learned in kindergarten?  One of the things he learned was don't hit people.  It's that simple.  We all know that women are the ones that are usually the target of abuse (in all its forms) however people need to realize that men are also being abused.  There's even a shelter for men in Alberta that was built for the sole purpose of having a place for men to go to escape from abusive relationships.

As a child I witnessed abuse - physical, emotional, verbal... I've seen it all.  I'll be damned if I get myself into a situation like that.  I was never taught that I deserve better... it was always that you should just accept if you're in a crappy life and just deal with it because that's all life is - perpetual crap.

Keep in mind I didn't always listen to my folks.  I questioned the things they told me because they just didn't sound right to me.  If my life is supposed to be crap, then why encourage me to go to school?  I could've just gotten a crap job out of high school for crap pay and hooked up with a crappy guy and have crappy sex and make babies and give them a crappy life.  What's the common thread to all this?  CRAP.  I don't think so.

Our lives were not meant to be crap, nor should we have to put up with crap from anyone or anything.  While I was chatting with Christiane earlier today I realized that there's more to life than settling for crap.  My heart goes out to people who are in crappy situations.  It's just not right.  My Aunt Marion told me this evening that sometimes we have to pray to God to help give us the grace and wisdom during tough times.

Check this out - that's like Rihanna saying, "God, give me the strength to endure another beating at the hands of someone who's supposed to love me."  It's like saying God wants our existence to be chockerblock full of drivel & twaddle.  Seriously?  I may be teetering on existentialism here but I can confidently say no one up there (including Allah, Buddha and God) wants us earthlings to hit each other and put up with crap.  

There's a full moon in the sky right now - maybe it's helping me to be cognizant of what's out there.  I now know there's more out there than just crap, drivel & twaddle.  

For all one knows I have been tapped by Mephistopheles to do his bidding and write these crazy things and think these crazy thoughts.  Ribs, anyone?