Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Athena's Favourite Things

For the sole purpose of having a laugh, here's a listing of Athena's Favourite Things:

Favourite colour - Blue with greens & earth tones tied for second.  These are the colours I want to use to decorate my apartment.  Christiane gave me the most ingenious idea - I could paint my own artwork!!  How cool is that?!  What better way to express myself than through art.  Just as an aside, I don't believe art can be taught.  Art is something that comes from the soul and no one has any right to judge self-expression.  Don't hate - appreciate!  I divagate.

Favourite tunes - Anything with a good beat.  Music has to sound good so I don't really have a particular favourite however I do like English pop.  My iPod has everything from Led Zeppelin to Backstreet Boys to Shania Twain.  

Favourite sport - To watch is definitely football (soccer to us North Americans).  I also enjoy playoff games... 2 minutes left and the losing team is down by 1 so it's all or nothing.  This is the only way I can stomach hockey & baseball.  The Summer Olympics is also great - when else would you watch 4 hours of cycling & sailing coverage?!  Only every 4 years!  

Favourite TV Show - Tie between Coronation Street and Y&R.  As a singleton housewife, it is imperative that I keep up with my stories.  Lately I've been letting Y&R pile up on my PVR since the V-Day marathon so one of these days soon I'll have to further dent my couch & catch up.  Supposedly they brought back Mackenzie!!  I also enjoy the Amazing Race (go Margie & Luke), Kings (best new show in YEARS), Grey's and Ugly Betty.  Thank the Sun for my PVR.

Favourite Shopping Destination - Simons.  This is THE best clothing store on this green earth.  They've got fierce (I just used 'fierce' in a sentence) styles, good cuts for those of us who eat more than lettuce once a week and crazy low prices.  Oxford Street in London, UK is also wicked despite the large amounts of quid I dropped last time I went... ah well.  You're welcome, Lizzie!  Target is also worth a mention.  Too bad I need a passport to drive to the one location that's only an hour away.  A passport, you ask?  For my fans (heh heh) outside North America, a valid Canadian passport is now mandatory for entry into America by land, sea or air.  Don't ask.  What would they do if I beamed myself there?  Can't catch me - I'm Athena Titanides!

Favourite Drink - Coke Zero.  REAL apple juice.  REAL orange juice.  Lemon Heaven Lemonade.  Grocery store red wine (vin de table in these parts).  Boris Cool.  Volvic.  There's too many to pick just one!

Favourite Food - Indian, KFC, fries from McDo, Whoppers, Christiane's pasta sauce, lamb sausages, strawberries in season and chocolate.  All of these foods satisfy my cravings when the moon is just right in the sky.  Tonight I had KFC, a Coke Zero and a McCain Delite chocolate cake.  I could've had a smoke after that meal.  No wonder I have no libido.

Stay tuned for more updates on How Athena Got Her Hots Back.