Wednesday, April 8, 2009

opinions of elephantine proportions

What a week!  I got money from my buddy Steve-H snce he announced that he was going to give everyone an extra 5 weeks of dole.  I'm sure for most of us on the pogey that's all going to bills but oh well.  So far I've paid for the lights, the Internet, my PVR and my phone... tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping.  I know this may sound routine to those who are more moneyed than I but if you were in my shoes, knowing that this stuff is OK is a great feeling.  

On the last episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, they had to make a viral video for All.  I remember that stuff... it came in this huge box that my mother used to keep by the washing machine and I swear, it cost $3.  All executives and Perez Hilton were chosen to judge the videos and give their opinion.  To make a long story short, both teams blew the big one however what struck me was Perez Hilton.  Granted, he is my inspiration for this blog yet how did he become an expert on all things viral?  Just as I am sitting here writing this, he does the same thing except I don't comment on celebrity goings-on.  My years working for TIFF has taught me that stars are mere mortals like us - except they're much shorter.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a blog as "An Internet website containing an eclectic and frequently updated assortment of items of interest to its author." This is what blogs are about.  I guess I'm now a 'blogger' per se... yet I have no clue if people are actually reading this (other than Christiane & her conjoint).  I have no interest on keeping the planet updated on who's shagging who and who forgot their gitch this morning.  That stuff is for others who really wanna know.  My blog is my opinion on life.  Sure, the x-Lists have lives - yet the masses fail to realize that once you strip away the photogs, the PAs and the requests for wheatgrass juice, they're just like us.  They pay taxes like us.  They fart like us and I'll betcha a penny it really stinks since most of them don't really eat.  

Maybe I should turn this blog into a tell-all about Athena Titanides.  Wouldn't that be funny!    
Athena Titanides was spotted in Montreal today after getting her hair did.  She looks like she's on fi-yah!  Work it, girl!
Our favourite Greek goddess, Athena Titanides, is sportin' some fierce digs these days.  Sources close to Athena say she's got her hands on some guv'ment cheddar!  Paparazzi are already staking out the Provigo store near Athena's fab flat in Montreal.  

Law & Order is on right now.  La-ters!