Saturday, April 11, 2009

flash in the pan

How fleeting is this thing called love.

I've decided that this bloke I met on craigslist is for later.  He seemed way too keen on my physical highlights than anything else.  What did it for me was the fact that while chatting on MSN, I casually mentioned that I am a Corrie fan and I never heard from him again.  Doosh.

Was it my overwhelming aura of femininity?  My adoration of all things Liverpool Football Club?  Perchance he wanted a shagging partner.  Better still he just wasn't that into me.  Either way, I do believe that if a guy wants you, he'll come after you.  This chap just didn't seem up for the chase.   

As I chuckle to myself, I do feel a sense of relief.  I found myself checking my email and MSN several times a day just to see (read: confirm to myself) if he sent a smoke signal of sorts.  I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore because it drives me nuts.  Nevertheless, I still believe that whoever is meant for me is out there somewhere.   

The moral of the story is that craigslist is great if you're looking for apartments, odds & sods and couches for sale.  Love (at least for me) is not meant to be found on craigslist.