Tuesday, April 21, 2009

niveau de langue

In my travels I have met a nice bloke named Emile who fancies me like a chicken craving.  Emile is from France and doesn't speak much English so that means my inner francophone has to come out to play.  Emile is quite intriguing - he's intelligent, engaging and a real gentleman.  Too bad for him I'm just not into him however I do enjoy his company.  Dare I say the F-word?  Yes, he is a good (dum dum DUM) friend.

We went into town for a Tims run and we got to talking about my desire to find out what the next chapter holds for me.  I told him how I'd apply for jobs and get no response and I'd always wonder why - am I not qualified enough?  I know I'm not an idiot and I can do these jobs.  Emile says it's because people are intimidated by my CV.  For some reason the word "intimidate" has been synonymous with my persona for as long as I can remember... especially in my university days.  I was told how I 'intimidated' guys because I could dance and party it up without being wasted.  Now I'm being told I 'intimidate' potential employers because I went to post-secondary and I have some letters after my name. 

According to Emile, he says employers look for the insipid - people of average achievement who pose no threat to their station in life.  Employers don't want smart people who will change things up.  Employers want simple-minded lemmings who will do their bidding without question.  Too bad I'm not one of those people; in fact, I've never been like that.  I worked really hard in school and in all my past jobs because I was under the impression that by doing that one can move onwards and upwards.  Now I know better AND different.  

Emile also went on to say that English is becoming more prevalent.   Employers also want people to speak English more than French.  I found this odd because Bill 101 says otherwise.  English is indeed an international language and immigrants are more inclined to learn English than French.  Interesting, isn't it?  It made me consider teaching English as a career.  I like the renegade undertones of it all - doing something to upset the hoi polloi.  I could be contributing to the greater good and really make a difference in someone's life.  

BTW - Emile & I discovered that these Ben-Hur-Ten-Commandments sandals are back 'in' for summer.  I even saw a pair that went to the knees!  May I be the first (and certainly not the last) to say these sandals look hideous.  You might as well wear Birkensocks & sandals!  The gladiator look is fiercely repugnant!  They're busted!  I'll stick with my Sketchers, Cons & Pumas, thank you very much.