Sunday, April 26, 2009

sus domestica

Have you all heard about this swine flu epidemic?  Apparently it started in Mexico and is on its way to Canada.  I shake my head at this latest virus to freak out the masses.  West Nile virus made us all want to stay indoors all summer.  SARS made everyone wear surgical masks on the TTC.  Bird flu made us fear our feathered friends.  Mad cow disease was a crime against potential barbecues and now it's a pig. 

That's right kids, a blasted pig.  An animal that's great for ribs and bacon sarnies.  Does this mean that no one's gonna eat pork anymore (it is indeed the other white meat)?  I can't wait for the news to report that we shouldn't eat pork because of the potential for SIV.Add that to the global recession, a hotter planet and it equals out to good times!   

Stay calm, everyone.  It too, shall pass.