Monday, April 13, 2009

thick madame

Christiane & I spent most of the day liming about Ikea.  On our travels we came across some bathroom scales.  Thinking I weigh an okay amount I get on the scale.  I almost fainted when I saw 13 st 13 lbs.  O Holy Sun of the Heavens & Skies.

Being that today is April 13 and I weigh an startling 0.09 metric tons, I'm going to lose some inches.  Not pounds, mind you - I stand to gain a lot of muscle in the next few months so weight won't mean much to me.  I want my clothes back, dammit!!  

The best part of all is that I have all the time in the world to do this.  Being a statistic means that Steve-H is going to help me fund this endeavour.  D-Mac didn't give me enough dosh and now look at him... karma, I tell you!  

I took my measurements a few minutes ago which will give me an idea of where I want to end up (this has yet to be determined).   Tomorrow I'll figure out a workout schedule à la Biggest Loser - plus I'll start watching that show for inspiration.  

Perhaps I could train for something... a friend of mine lost over 40 lbs training for triathlons.  I could learn to swim since there's an Olympic pool down the street.  I'll start with yoga first - I need to de-stress in a bad way because stress is how I put on all this blasted weight.

Between my existential crisis, my love misadventures and my own personal inch-loss challenge, my life is getting to be fun!  How could you not want to stick around?