Friday, April 17, 2009

virtual soapbox

I heard on the news this morning that the city is going to ban wood-burning stoves because they were allegedly the cause of winter smog.  Seriously?!  Wood causes smog now?  Since when is burning wood more toxic than, oh, car fumes?  What about the crap that factories spew out into the air?  Clearly that's OK but not wood.  What's next to be banned - campfires?  

Surely this is a ploy orchestrated by oil & energy companies.  They want us to burn chemicals to heat ourselves in the winter so they can earn record profits instead of the masses waking up to realize that wood is sustainable and more renewable.  I'm picturing the time when the Europeans first came here to settle... indigenous peoples had been burning wood for ages and then King James sent over a proclamation that wood burning had to cease because it was causing smog and the King didn't like smog over the New World.  Sounds silly?  Of course it does.  It's just as silly as banning wood-burning stoves.

Did you know Ontario banned clotheslines about 20 years ago?  A bunch of constipated home builders decided that they didn't like the look of them in backyards so they got together and lobbied the provincial government to ban them so they can sell more houses.  I remember when my father was taking down the clothesline in our backyard and I asked why - it wasn't winter yet...?  He said we weren't allowed to have them anymore.  I said, "that's stupid," - standard speech for a kid of my age.  In my child mind I didn't see the point of banning clotheslines.  What harm were they doing other than the potential for embarrassment if you've got tattered undergarments hung out for the world to see?

The clothesline ban was lifted a year ago when environmentalists told the government that it would be the 'green' thing to do.  Well, duh.  Now they're en vogue again.  My mother is rockin' her clothesline and she loves it!

By the way, this is why I'll never wook pa nub on craigslist again: