Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So everyone's talkin' about The Bachelor... as a longtime fan of the show I must put in my two cents' worth on what's gone down.

We all know what we saw and of course, we think of reality TV as just that - reality.  In reality, I'm sure situations like Jason's happen but over a longer period of time.  We fall in love with the wrong person and we do what we can to rectify the situation for all parties involved.  Would we have the balls to do it on international television?  Likely not.  I'm not a person to take things at face value and this supposed twist just didn't add up.  Something didn't seem right.

I found this blogger by the name of Reality Steve and he alleges that ABC set this up from the beginning for the sake of ratings.  We know past seasons of The Bachelor haven't done too well in the ratings and that's what counts at the end of the day, right?  I gotta give Reality Steve props because what he posted on his blog makes sense.  What does it say about someone's integrity if they would agree to go along with such a plan? Better yet, now that this unconfirmed theory is out there, is it going to make people continue to support the show? 

 It's certainly changed my opinion about reality TV and anyone who knows Athena knows she's a big fan.  I love watching Survivor and Big Brother however now I'll think to myself, is the 'villain' really like that in the real world?  Are they that much of a sleazebag?  Maybe not however the networks think that's how we will perceive them hence guaranteeing ratings which means (survey says:) dollars.  Money talks, kids.  

Will I continue to watch The Bachelor?  To be honest, I'm not sure.  Only if he's hot.  I'll definitely tune into The Bachelorette to support Jillian Harris - a good Canadian girl.  Let's all hope and pray that the show doesn't pull any shenanigans with Jillian.

On another note about things you see on TV, today on the The View I saw some Republican guy say that the economic stimulus package was bad because it's spending more money than was spent on Iraq, Afghanistan and Katrina.  Man, am I ever glad to be Canadian!  Seriously???  Was this for real?  You have a president who gives a hoot about what happens in your own backyard and wants you to be prosperous.  You don't want that?  Are you outside your mind???  There are countries in this world who would live like kings & queens with a fraction of what you have!
Some people's children.

The moral of the story here is not to believe everything you see, hear & read from the media.  Do research!  Check out other points of view.  Seek out the truth!  And for goodness' sake, stop posting foolishness on messageboards about things that have been fabricated for that exact response.  All you're doing is fueling the fire.  Om.