Monday, March 16, 2009

la relåche

I check the Internet job boards on a quasi-daily basis and lately I' ve been seeing jobs that I've applied for in the past reposted for some unknown reason.  One in particular was for FancyCars.  I applied there last spring and I made it all the way to the reference stage - only to receive a thanks-for-coming-out email.  Not even a year later, they've reposted the job.  Ha!

What does that mean when companies do that?  To me it says they didn't hire the right person from the get-go.  Then again, would I have really wanted that job?

Truth be told I really don't know what I want.  There are jobs out there that I could do however I fear I'll just either quit or get the boot and I end up on the pogey again.  Perhaps I could just stay here - right here in this place.   Where is this place, you ask?  It's me typing furiously on my laptop.   It's me wondering how I'm going to live on less than $600 per month.  It's me wanting desperately to travel and see the world.  

I've got a new routine... I get up around noon, eat 'breakfast' and check email, shower, do laundry, watch All In The Family (I LOVE that show), play solitaire, eat dinner and watch TV till midnight when I fall asleep all over again.  How's that for fun times?

Sometimes I deal with boredom and other times I don't.   In this moment I just don't know what to do.   I feel kinda torn as to my next move.  Ho hum.