Tuesday, October 13, 2009

turkey, turkey everywhere

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I spent it with Ethan and his family and it was lovely. I called home on Saturday and looks like I didn't miss much at the Titanides homestead - more drama and other ish.

Ethan and I were discussing my job situation and he thought I should host a cooking show for broke folks like myself. I know this sounds odd, yet it strangely relates to this vision I had where I was telling someone "I never thought I'd be writing for television". Personally I'd rather have a talk show where I could tell people what's up... à la Jeremy Kyle.

So my interview with Gamerz went nowhere. They've reposted the job and have neglected to return my calls. I kind of wondered about this yet I have to believe it's for the best. The universe is looking out for me and knows I won't put up with any workplace shenanigans.

Now off I go to watch The Biggest Loser.