Wednesday, October 14, 2009

confessions of a disgrunted statistic

Gamerz officially stinks.

So this job is now posted three times on craigslist and elsewhere in cyberspace. After trying to email these yahoos to see what the heck is happening, they keep giving me cryptic answers. What's the big idea? Are you too cool for school? Can't give a straight answer? For the love of Pete.

Whilst in my cybertravels I came across another job posting that seemed viable so I set out to faire parvenir mon CV. I was checking out the company location when I noticed that the address on the posting is different from the address on the company website. That's right, kids. Where in the name of heaven is this place supposed to be? Come on. Such an error could have huge repercussions if that information was sent to the wrong party.

Employers put so much responsibility on us job seekers to have the perfect CV sans typos, etc. You know, job hunting is just as much a hunt for the employee as it is for the employer. Why can't employers take the same time out to check their postings and ensure they're sound? How about keeping your website up to date? It's called candidate marketing. I know this because I've done it before for a company that I hated more than life itself yet I had to come up with ways to attract the best & brightest.

To all my fellow statistics out there pounding cyberpavement - don't settle for any crap from employers. In an interview, ask them how they've been affected by the toilet-like economy. If you hear words like "reorganization", "workforce reduction", "new strategies" - run for the hills. They don't know their left from right and have no clue what's going on (ProServ comes to mind). If you see that the job has been reposted, fear not - this means they don't know what they want in a candidate and likely need a double-double and a couple of Timbits to figure it out.

I know I'm a competent candidate. I got skillz. I believe in myself enough that I'd be an asset to any company. As of this very moment, I REFUSE to put up with employer shenanigans! Statistics of Montreal unite! Let's send a message to employers out there to clean up their act and then maybe we can get jobs and pay our bills!