Wednesday, October 28, 2009

help wanted

I'm starting to think I'm addicted to looking at job postings and checking email. It's like an incessant craving that I can't seem to satisfy. If a few hours go by and I haven't checked my email, then I start to feel like I've missed out on someone emailing me for an interview and I haven't responded quickly enough... yep, I can see this spiraling all to hell.

Check ben ├ža - I have to wait until the end of the week for a company to make a decision on if I'll get the job of a 2 month contract. Seriously?! Even Mrs. Titanides thinks this is odd. She also said she doesn't think I'll get it because my boss would be younger than me so that'll make her get her back up. Christiane is older than her boss and they get on just fine.

Ethan's going through some shenanigans at his work - Ethan's boss is someone who gets off on being the 'man' at work and since Ethan is challenging that by (get this) doing his job properly, he's getting a 30 day warning to shape up or ship out. Ethan thinks he's done something wrong however it can't be - who gets in trouble for actually doing your job right?

Why do some people treat work as their sole social outlet? Sure, you may meet some colleagues that may become friends over time... maybe even significant others (I have been guilty of dipping my pen in the office ink from time to time)... yet at the end of the work day, it's just work. End of. It's not life - at least, not for me. Work stays at work. Just because they spend 8 hours with you doesn't make them bosom buddies. I'm starting to feel like I don't fit in on the playground because all the kids have their friends already and no one wants the new kid around.

I'm going to go play by myself in the sandbox. You know that the kids that were left out in school are most likely to turn out to be the gazillionaires...