Saturday, August 1, 2009

irreversible change

I had to downsize my cable package a few days ago so now I subscribe to PBS. I used to watch it all the time as a kid! One day I was watching this show called Sid The Science Kid... I sat there quite fascinated, really - Sid was learning about how heat can change things into another form but he wanted to know if he could change them back. His teacher said no, unfortunately - the process is called irreversible change.

Of course, my mind started to wonder about this concept. Irreversible change. Sid the Science Kid understands irreversible change to mean that if you cook apples over heat, you can make applesauce however you cannot turn the applesauce back into solid apples. What a concept!

Has irreversible change played a part in recent events? Could it be that this scientific concept be the underlying reason of all that's gone down? Each day I wake up and start anew... I guess it's good that I even wake up as I shudder to think about the alternative. I try to live for the Now yet I can't help but wonder about the future. Am I ever going to find a decent job? Any thoughts of teaching English are out the window for the time being as the school I was going to attend has apparently gone under. I have taken this development as a sign to say I was meant for something else - what I don't know.

A bit of soulsearching has revealed that I can go back into HR and feel good about it. I reminded myself that this ain't Toronto and people aren't as asinine here as they are back there. There are some pretty lucrative opportunities out there - I have every faith in myself that I can do any one of them. Guess it's up to the universe to determine which one it will be, right?