Tuesday, October 14, 2008

just like Diddy...

... I want to hide under my blankets cowering in fear.  Tonight is a sad night in this great country of ours.  There's a good bunch of you all who thought it would be a good idea to keep the James Bond-lookin, penny-pinchin', war-mongerin' right wing fool in power. Shame befall you all!

Maybe you all like the $1200 you get from Stevie Harps.  Is it the broken income trust promise that gave you the inkling that you don't mind his antics?  Betcha it's the uncanny impression they do on Air Farce.  Either way, there's a third of you all out there who just don't give a hoot about those who don't have as much cheddar as you do.   

One day your cheddar will melt.  What will you do then?  Will you look to your steely-eyed leader for help?  You can look but he won't be there - he'll be long gone.  Our economy is in the sewer.  Tonight's results tell me that you thirds don't really mind that this all stinks.

I will go to bed tonight with mixed emotions.  I feel sadness over this election result.  Tomorrow I will wake up with a pillock for a PM but with some of his government cheese in my bank account!  Drinks on Stevie H!