Monday, July 16, 2012

wedded bliss

Ethan and I are married!  Holy crap!  We just got back from our honeymoon in Santa Banana.

We had the time of our lives during our wedding and our honeymoon.  And yes, our marriage is legally binding, if you catch my drift.

While we were in Santa Banana, we learned so much about the people and the culture.  The one thing that I will remember most is the power of the human spirit.  The people of Santa Banana may not have financial wealth but they are extremely talented.  We saw so many artisans and musicians that would be world-renowned if it not were for the government restrictions placed on these people.

Should we 'free' them?  No, it's not our place to do so.  The best thing we can do is visit their land, learn from their culture and find a way to showcase their talents to the world.  It's the next thing to do on my bucket list!