Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four more years

After last night's US election, I'm so happy to be here to say that change is indeed here.  Republicans are sadly realizing that old rich white men are a dying breed (literally) and can't be counted on to win over the country.

Doesn't that make you think? I've read several articles (read this one in particular) about how the Republicans are whinging that there are too many minorities not voting for them. Well duh.  As a minority, why would you even consider voting for someone who takes one look at the pigments in your skin & instantly judges you as lazy, welfare-hungry and an overall burden to society?

If you happen to look like the Monopoly man, your time in the ruling class has come to an end.  Your hoards of money won't serve you once you leave this planet.  Let it go now.  Besides, I've heard shuffleboard is a really intense activity.