Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rise up

I just finished watching the last few episodes of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" and let me tell you, I was right.  Sometime last fall, I told my darling Ethan that the people were going to rise up and not put up with any more crap.  (I am an empath - I can feel these things)  Months later came the Arab Spring; Brigette DePape; the Food Revolution in LA.  No, this isn't a Miss Cleo moment I'm having.  I'm just fired up, that's all.

It amazes me that people are so afraid of change.  Ethan got it spot on - he thinks the reason why people are so against eating healthy is its residual effects on health insurance & food service profits.  If the masses start eating better, there would be less need for health care, which, in the US of A is a hot mess of HMOs and outlandish fees.  Health insurance companies would literally lose billions if there was a decrease in their usage.

If the masses start eating better, food service companies that have multi-million dollar contracts with institutions like school boards would suffer at the bottom line.  Crap food is cheap to produce and can be sold at top dollar.  Yet if an institution decided to go rogue and grow their own food (the audacity of it all!), the food service company has lost its profits.

Kids, it's all about money.  Not money for you & me of course, but for the few who don't give a hoot on whether or not you eat well.  They don't care as long as they get paid and keep getting paid.  Let's face it - there are those out there who think we (as Broke Folks) should continue to eat crap because it's all we can afford; thus they're doing us a favour by keeping shite in our stomachs so we'll pay more in medical bills and get addicted to food service 'food'.

p.s.  I just got a retweet from the Food Revolution team!!  WICKED!!!

Granted, I live in Canada where the health care system is universal and offered to all.  This doesn't mean I don't feel for people who have to mortgage their homes to get life-saving medical attention.  To think all of this could have been prevented with knowledge is rather scary.  Makes me think that the conspiracy theorists who claim the 'establishment' is purposely keeping people fat & stupid isn't far from the truth.  Those of you who have watched the film "Zeitgeist" know what I'm referring to.

In essence, it comes down to this.  As Broke Folks, improve yourselves by eating well and exercising - it's that simple.  No need for crazy workout regimes that promise the PhotoShop look... just make smart choices and move.  Go for a walk around your neighbourhood.  Sign up for a community garden if there's one near you.  Run around with your kids in the park.  Invite your family & friends over for a BBQ and grill homemade foods.  We can do this!