Friday, September 2, 2011

death is all around

Feels like everywhere I turn someone has passed away.  Last night I found out my auntie died of cancer.  Her situation was similar to Jack Layton's - she had breast cancer, recovered after a mastectomy and an identified type of cancer came back.  My auntie was 55 years old.

Being surrounded by death makes me really take stock of my life.  Am I just pissing it away?  Am I taking care of myself?  Am I going to live out my dreams?  The one thing that keeps going around in my head is that life is indeed too short.  We've all heard it before - pursue your dreams, always use the good china, etc etc etc.  I'm here to tell you these just aren't clichés... they're reality.  If there is something in this life that you always wanted to do, ain't no time like this time.  DO IT.

I've decided to live my dream of owning & operation my own business.  I do not belong in the corporate world.  Plus Ethan & I want to secure a prosperous future for our family.  It's insanity to rely on multinationals for this as the economy is so volatile at the moment.  Besides, why work like a dog for someone else?

Life is short.  If you gotta let people in your life go, let them go.  Stay healthy.  Be wary of chemicals in your foods & cosmetics.  Be wary of cancer charities that spend a lot of money on advertising & events - chances are your donation is going to buy t-shirts & ribbons instead of funding actual cancer research.

One more thing, folks - be informed.  Know what's going on around you & how things affect you & your world.  Don't take everything you see & hear at face value.  Engage in meaningful conversation & discussion.  Have an opinion & stick to it with conviction.