Monday, August 22, 2011

Canada is orange... if only for today

Almost a month after the passing of Amy Winehouse, I heard this morning that Jack Layton has passed away at the age of 61 from cancer.  He stepped down temporarily as leader of the NDP to fight cancer in July however cancer got the best of him.  Cancer is so ugly.  But before I tackle that, I gotta say this.

I voted NDP in my riding during the federal election. I wanted Jack Layton to lead this country.  He was a man of the people.  He campaigned tirelessly for the working class people - better jobs, health care, better lives.  I, along with millions of other Canadians, couldn't wait for September to see Jack Layton, as Leader of the Opposition, mess up Stevie H's diabolical plans to paint the country ignant with his right-wing archaic propaganda.  (just sayin')

As I was watching CBC News' coverage of Jack Layton's death, I noticed a significant delay in our PM's response to the passing of the Leader of the Opposition.  Coincidence?  Of course not.  Let me be the first to tell you why there was this delay. When Jack Layton stepped down as NDP leader to recover from cancer, he appointed Nycole Turmel as his temporary replacement.  Did not Stevie H proceed to attack Ms. Turmel because she used to be a member of the Bloc Québecois?   Okay, so that plan seemed to work for awhile.  Not sure why the Tories need to keep up the attack crap when they're guaranteed a job for the next 4 years... who knows.

Let's go back to our sheep.  The Tories are notorious for stirring the political pot.  While their shitstorm on Ms. Turmel goes on, Jack Layton steps down.  The country is immediately sympathetic despite their own political alliances.  Now that Jack Layton is gone, all the attacks on Nycole Turmel look petty and unnecessary.  People who otherwise wouldn't give a second glance or thought to the NDP will now be curious to see what all the fuss is about.  Of course, Stevie H can't speak ill of the dead or he'll be lambasted in the public eye.  Stevie H was sitting with his people trying to figure out how to spin this latest development to the Tories' advantage.  Seems odd that the Tories seem a little uneasy as they're very quick to talk smack about everyone else... relax, people!  You're in till 2015.  Sit back, relax and collect your pay for life.

Now I have to rant about cancer.  Cancer has affected family members and friends of mine over the years.  I've donated to charity groups thinking I'm doing my part but I've stopped doing that.  How could I do such a heinous thing?  Well, I know for a fact some of these charities spend less than half of money raised on cancer research.  Less than HALF.  So where's the rest of the dosh going?  Administration & fundraising events.  Fun runs, t-shirts and TV commercials all take precedence over finding a damn cure. I volunteered for a United Way member agency and what I saw made me sick.  The United Way raises hundreds of millions of dollars yet member agencies have to offer up their firstborn & other essentials for a few crumbs of the pie.  Next time you donate to your favourite charity, do a little digging.  Find out where your money is going.  Don't just do it for the tax break - make a real difference to an organization that can do some real good.

Read Jack Layton's letter to Canadians here.  Let's all continue what Jack Layton started.