Tuesday, August 9, 2011

uprising and other shenanigans

I'm watching a live feed from the BBC right now as I write this.  After the shooting death of Mark Duggan by police on the weekend, riots broke out in Tottenham.  I must be clear when I say I do not condone violence in any fashion.  Over the last few days, riots have spread into other parts of London and the rest of the UK.  Those riots appear to be copycats yet something tells me otherwise.  I do believe British youth are fed up of being treated like shite by all parts of society.  The British government has announced deep cuts to government-funded services.

I have family & friends in the UK and I hope they are all safe and far away from danger.  To the young people of the UK - read this carefully.  Take notice of the uprising in Egypt.  Young people gathered peacefully to make a stand.  Their voices were heard around the world.  You can do the same.  Destroying your neighbourhood isn't going to cut it.  No one is going to take you seriously if you burn everything down.

Let's move on to something equally disturbing.  Thylane Loubry Blondeau is a 10 year old girl gracing the pages of French Vogue.  The French don't see a problem with it yet on this side of the pond people are losing their minds.  These pictures are indeed disgusting.  Thylane (what a pretty name) is 10.  TEN?!  Where's her childhood?  Does she play on monkey bars with other children?  Did she ever watch 5, rue Sésame?  More fashion houses are using teens to sell clothes to grown-ass women.  Not like I buy designer labels anyway however would the average woman be enticed to buy something modeled by someone less than half their age?  Models are young to begin with but this is ridiculous.  I'm sure perverts everywhere are having a field day.  Yeah, I said it.

Lastly, the USA has averted financial meltdown by increasing their debt ceiling to a bazillion trillion dollars.  Analysts believe an "Armageddon" of sorts has been averted.  Uh... how so?  Plus everyone's freaking out over the credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA+?

How much is a trillion dollars?  This video will tell you.  So here's where my understanding of this debt ceiling jazz gets a little fuzzy.  If you borrow a lot of money to buy unnecessary things, eventually you will have to pay it back.   How is it you can keep borrowing and still maintain an amazing credit rating?  Either you'll have to stop spending needlessly or start paying it back.  I took the decision to declare bankruptcy because no matter what I did I couldn't keep up with my debts.  I still have dopey collection agencies calling me to this day!  I've learned about debt & finances now; I'm proud to say Ethan & I have no debt.  We rent our home and pay cash for the things we need.

** sigh ** Be safe, everyone.  It's scary out there.