Saturday, July 23, 2011

ill of the dead

The world lost Amy Winehouse today. Yesterday more than 90 people died in Norway in the country's worst violence since WWII.  Truth be told I don't know what's worse.

Sure, Amy Winehouse had issues. People were quick to say all kinds of things and still are even after her passing.  Is that right?  Why do people feel the freedom to publish such drivel on message boards & forums online?  What if it was your loved one in Ms. Winehouse's shoes?  Would you be so quick to dispel such hatred?  It is wrong to speak ill of the dead - full stop.  Think of her family who has lost a daughter and a sister.  It never ceases to amaze me how inhuman people can be.

I just finished reading an article on about a survivor of the shooting in Norway.  This person pretended to be dead in order to avoid being killed by the gunman yet he still was shot in the shoulder.  At least the gunman has surrendered himself to the authorities.  How a person gets to that point I'll never know.  Norway is a country you rarely see in the news; now it's in the world's spotlight.

Our lives must forge ahead.  We must endeavour to move forward and live each day.  This life is short... something I've always said and will continue to say.