Thursday, December 27, 2012

my book

It is snowing like a mickeyfickey today!  I had a specialist appointment this morning but it took Ethan & I a full hour to dig out the car to only drive down the street.  As much as we love our neighbourhood, it's not going to be plowed for awhile yet.   Oh well.

I was just reading through my blog archives and I kept seeing this recurring theme - my book.  I've been talking about writing a book since 2008.  Next year is my blog's 5 year anniversary.  Dammit, I'm going to write this book!

There's a million questions that are going through my mind - do I self-publish? I most likely will since the major publishers seem a bit odd to me.  If I do self-publish, do I go the e-book route?  I am a huge fan of actual books instead of annoying files you have to download into a teeny-tiny screen that may or may not be compatible with your device (bollocks).  

I guess I just need some courage.  Just thinking about writing this book is actually quite daunting.  I'm scared it won't have the impact I always imagine it will.  Or maybe no one will read it as I'm still not sure if anyone is even reading my blog.  

Either way, I just gotta do it.