Friday, December 14, 2012

Pray for the children

I broke down today after I heard about the mass shooting in Connecticut.  Yes, I know it sounds weird however I'm an empath therefore I feel everything.  I could feel the panic, shock, anger and sadness of everyone affected by this tragedy.

Tell me something you gun totin' advocates:  Does this

look like something that should be legal to carry around?  How would you feel if someone took one of these & shot up your kid?  Never mind - I already know the answer to that question.  You'd take one of these

and go find the mothertucker.

Sure, there needs to be more laws in the US regarding gun control.  I think it's easier to make buying guns harder than it is to address the REAL issue at hand - why people are being driven to do such things. 

If someone or something has done you wrong and your immediate solution is to pick up a gun, then what does that say about the society that surrounds you?  What is pushing people to commit such heinous acts?

During last year's UK riots, I said there's more to the riots than just the protest against the person that was shot by police.  It was indeed so - it was a way for the underclass to protest the society they live in.
In no way am I condoning setting buildings on fire or anything of the sort.  It's time to take a good honest look at our society and ask the tough questions that we've all been guilty of avoiding.

This clip from "The West Wing" says it all.