Sunday, February 8, 2009

May the Force be with me

I just spoke to my aunt Marion and she actually prayed with me.  I have to say it was pretty amazing for her to do that.  Keep in mind I'm a perfect heathen.  I believe in higher power and I also believe everything in life happens for a reason (including being bamboozled).  

There is a reason that Aunt Marion got in touch with me on Christmas Day.  Maybe I'm supposed to have some semblance of family in my life... maybe she and her daughters (my cousins) are it.

I've done a lot of thinking over the last few days about this situation I now find myself in - unemployed with a bit of cash to my name and unsure of what's going to happen next.  I'm wondering where I belong in this world.  What is it I'm meant to do?   What is supposed to be my contribution to this earth?  Right now, I don't have a clue.  

At this moment I've got mixed emotions.  I feel lost yet on the right path.  I feel hopeful yet uncertain.  Now more than ever I need to trust my intuition to guide me.  

Too bad I'm not a Jedi.