Monday, November 7, 2011

eleven eleven eleven

Yes folks, it's been exactly 2 months since I've been here with my running commentary on life.  It's 11/11/11 and there's so much going on - the Occupy movement, Europe's debt crisis, nastiness at Penn State and much, much more.

Today marks a new chapter in my life.  I now know what direction to head in.  I don't know where it's going to lead me - the fear of the unknown is unbearable.  Yet I have to have faith that there won't be anything in my path that I can't handle.

Now I rant.

Props to the Occupy movement!  I feel like I'm part of it just by speaking my mind here on this blog.  People gotta wake up & realize all is not what it seems.  Just the other day I was speaking with my brother about his job in a major bank.  While the bank takes in billions in profits, he works his ass off for a $1/hr raise.  Sad thing is he's actually happy about it!  For those of you out there Occupying your town, keep fighting the good fight.

I'm sure you've all heard about what's been going down at Penn State lately... disgusting shite.  A football coach has a football camp for kids and starts sexually abusing them.  Miscreant. So the head coach finds out about it and tells school officials who decide not to do anything to protect the school's name.  The head coach got fired not too long ago and people are up in arms about it.  Frankly, I see why he got fired. He didn't call the authorities to alert them of this sexual deviant.  Granted, he did tell somebody however I do believe his actions, along with the rest of the school's actions were carried out in the sheer interest of protecting the school's name.  May shame befall you, Penn State.  These victims' lives will never be the same thanks to your inaction.  Sick bastards.

Finally, this heifer who says Justin Bieber knocked her up is a perfect twit.  Clearly her lawyers neglected to advise her that if what she's alleging is true, then she faces charges of sex with a minor.  Of all the celebrities in the world, you say it's 17-year-old pubescent Justin Bieber that's your baby's father?!  His voice is changing for God's sake!  Maury Povich, only you can help us now.