Friday, November 11, 2011

green or what

Ethan and I have decided to "go green" with things around our house and with personal care products.  So far it's going really well!  We've saved a ton of money making our own stuff from scratch.

During this process I've turned to Google to search out natural shampoos, etc.  I cannot believe how much stuff claims to be "natural", "organic", "plant-derived"... not to mention what's in stuff you buy in the drugstore!  Next time you see a commercial with a stick insect model with hair waving in the sunlight, check out the ingredients in that product.  Shite.  Yes, folks, most of that stuff is nothing but shite.  Artificial suds, things to make your hair look shiny, adhesives - best of all, there's no regulations to how much shite a company can put it its products.

Not too long ago Johnson & Johnson got busted for its shite-filled baby products.  We've all grown up with that baby powder smell; even gone so far as to equate it with all things newborn.  Too bad things like   fragrance (aka a whole mess of toxins that smell good), sulfates and FD&C colours haven't turned our babies into the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons.

What's worse is that green is the new black.  Everyone is hopping on the green-fueled bandwagon to get a piece of the pie.  The general public is indeed becoming more aware; yet I fear they are falling for the greenwashing phenomenon.  Just because it says green or has a green label doesn't make it so.

Read labels, kids.  Ask questions.  Find out where your product comes from.  Demand better for yourselves and your family.  Buy local!   During the holiday season, go to your local farmer's market for the best in-season produce.  Check out an arts & crafts show for great gift ideas.  One merchant I've come to love is CurlyCanadians.  They have amazing stuff for curly haired people like me!  They sell Canadian-made hair products.  Also look at OrganicOlution from LA.

We can be really green.  It is easy, after all.