Monday, November 28, 2011

handmade stuff

Now that the holidays are here, craft shows are popping up everywhere.  My dear friend Jax took me to my first show several years to while we were still living in TO.  I remember buying a ton of soap.  I've also been checking out Etsy - it's this site where you can buy all sorts of handmade stuff.  Get this - you have to pay (???) to upload your stuff then they take a cut of what you sell.  Dunno bout that.  Why not set up a free Weebly site & get a PayPal account?  Just sayin'.

I'm going to start a collection of craft show artisans.  I've got a few business cards from the last show I went to.  This way, if I ever need a gift for someone, I can choose from local & national artisans.

Oh yeah, I am green!