Wednesday, May 4, 2011

guess who's bizzack?!

Hello world, I'm back.  After many changes to this blog and lots of time passed, I had to come back to the world of blogging because I've got something to say about life.

Two days ago my beloved Dominion of Canada sunk into its darkest hour.  A bunch of people decided that they don't mind corporate tax breaks and new fighter jets and gave Stevie H a majority government.  Who voted for this wingnut?  Was it you?  If it was, then shame befall you.  I never knew Canada to be so right-wing.  People around the world think that we're idiots.  Let me be the first to tell you Mama didn't raise no fool to vote Conservative.  All you people out there who voted for Stevie had better not whinge when it all goes to hell.  It will, you know.  And I'll be there to say I told you so!

There is a bright spot in all of this - Jack Layton & the NDP will be the Official Opposition.  This means we might have some hope in all this.  Jackie L isn't going to stand for foolishness.  If I have to, I'll write to anyone who'll listen to say please help us; everyone's turned into a total wanker.

Before all of this nonsense, there was the Royal Wedding.  Wills & Kate's nuptials were gorgeous.  For one day the world stopped to celebrate love.  We all watched as these cuties promised to love one another come what may.  The next day, Osama bin Laden's been shot dead and buried at sea.  Since bad things happen in threes, Canadians elect a rather odd-looking bloke to run the country.

Kids, we have to stay strong.  We have to rise above the Conservative tossers in Parliament.  Please Lizzie, save us from ourselves.  Do not give Stevie the OK to form a Parliament.  If you do, you'll send us back two steps too many.