Wednesday, May 18, 2011

weight loss according to me

Not sure if you all know this but I've been trying to lose weight for a few months now.  Before I got started  I googled programs that I thought would work for me.  My fiance Ethan bought me a Wii Balance Board for Christmas with The Biggest Loser Challenge and I did that for a couple of months. I lost 5 lbs and gained back 2 lbs.  To be honest, I got bored of it.  Yes, I do have more than 20 lbs to lose however I'm a very muscular person so losing weight is more of a challenge for me.

Yet that's not even the half of it.  There are some programs out there are are completely asinine - Insanity is one of them.  It involves activity to induce cardiac arrest so you can get "ripped" in no time.  Between getting "ripped", "shredded" and reducing my diet to that of a zoo animal, I realized something.  There is no magic way to lose weight.  All you need is a proper diet and exercise.  That's all.  No foolin'!

I tried the Atkins diet several years ago and became very ill as a result.  Carbs are not the enemy, people.  Shit food is the enemy.  When you watch The Biggest Loser, the contestants have been eating shit for years so that's why they are 300+ lbs.  If you weigh that much and never move around then obviously you're going to lose all that weight right away because your body is in shock from eating things that are actually good for you.  Don't get me wrong - I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser.  I just wish that people would wake up and realize ready-made foods are full of shit.

After watching 2 episodes of Two Greedy Italians, I had another realization.  In Italy, fresh food is plentiful yet not everyone could afford it.  People made ends meet by making 'poor-man's food' or 'cucina povera' (the latter sounds more posh in my opinion).  They didn't stock up on Ramen noodles or instant macaroni & cheese; they made pasta with tomato sauce.  They made pizza.  They made stews from fresh fish caught earlier in the day.  In other words, they created a way to survive and it was healthy.  So why can't we do that over here?  We are surrounded by foods that are supposed to make life easier.  Zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a meal.  Instant this and pre-cooked that make people fat.  

Therefore I've found a way to lose weight that I'm confident will work for me.  Eat fresh food and move.   That's the key, folks.  Never mind all these cockamamie programs that promise to slim you down beyond all recognition.  Stop eating shit.  I've done it - you can too!