Thursday, May 26, 2011

it's a... baby?

I just read with shock a ridiculous article about a Toronto couple who've decided not to reveal the gender of their newborn child.  Only Mum, Dad & brothers know if the baby is a boy or a girl.  The parents feel that they'll mess up the kid if it has to identify with what's in 'between its legs'.


This is one of the most asinine things I've heard in a long time.  What is wrong with parents today?  Why is there this incessant need to shelter children from life?  My friend Jasmine is a teacher - she has told me some stories about the generation of kids growing up today.  For instance, there are some sports leagues out there that will enforce a rule where if you're blowing out the other team, you will lose so that no one has to experience losing.  Or how about not keeping a kid back a grade?  The best story Jasmine told me is how she's heard of parents going to their kid's job interviews.  Back in my HR days, I actually got an email from a mother who was sending out CVs for her son...?  What the eff is this nonsense?  Are kids today just supposed to float through life?  What happens when they have to face up to situations requiring complex thought & decisions?  Will Mommy & Daddy always be there to save the day?

Come on, people.  Talk about effing a kid up for life.  Sure, there are kids out there with gender identity issues.  Let me be crystal clear on this - I am simply saying that to deny a child its gender is taking its decision-making ability away from themselves.  Mommy & Daddy have decided I have no gender.  What bathroom do I use at school?  Am I supposed to like dolls or trucks?  No dear, you're not going to be anything at all.  So what happens when the child asks why did I grow up like this?  Why did you choose me for this sordid social experiment?

Of all the things to do to an innocent child.  Call CAS - this kid needs to be repossessed.

Besides, the baby looks like a boy anyway.